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2.7: Chronicle Live at Pebble Beach -- Will Clark



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Tue, 7 Feb 2012|

Clark talks about the competition between the Giants and 49ers and praise Alex Smith and Matt Cain for their tee shots.


Machine Generated Transcript

Brought a lot for them by Farmers Insurance ticket and on the road did the AT&T Pebble Beach national pro am but. The owner of the day the charity shoot out. Between the 49ers in the Giants and how about the great will Clark in attendance your sign the autographs they get out there and swing in the sticks. In earlier I had a chance to sit down with a great will be a thrill. As we talk a little golf and Giants baseball. -- will -- -- the 49ers as a whole win. It's got to be disappointing but. Fun no matter what right it was a it was definitely fun. You know we came on here who will -- we have fabulous day out here and in res and some very much needed money for some local charities. In. You know just get to see some of the some of the guys that you hadn't seen in forever. -- I saw that early -- as Dwight Clark was one of the first ones on the Green. And you came up their boom big hug with you guys probably seeing one another time we've seen each other you know. Probably hand full time over the last probably ten years but. You know back in the day you mean we were seen each other quite a bit because you know the 49ers. In Giants we always overlapped being at candlestick so we've seen quite a bit in you know they had such a great dynasty that you pulled for them and then you know they would come out -- -- -- So so it it was a mutual admiration all right so we've got to have a competition going on between these football players in major league baseball players. How much is that competition this does it start to get into your juices when -- other -- are already well you know did the competition always comes out. So so that's fun but. But at the same time you know if you look at the big picture you know I mean. I'm out here playing golf you know and in my idea golf is make sure I swing a lot. And grab a beer you know -- you don't think they realize oh that's the best way to do it -- of the fun out there where there's a pretty impressive golfers out there -- Matt Cain hit the ball completely out of sight and not Alex Smith you know I just got through the end you know quarterback. Quarterback of the of the year -- in he had some unbelievable shots and like you said Dwight Clark keep you sort of want to clutch putts in there at the end so it's been fun putts like too lightly he said he. He was I think he was kind of playing it down because he's the first guy out there as you said. But he set off my game needs the most work that's why I was the first guy out there on and on LE -- and yeah he he he plays the party line right today that Vick has such good athlete he's OK sand Bagger at that violence and that it lets turn our attention to baseball not spring training come up what goes on for you. Well for myself personally -- -- be there when the pitchers and catchers report. You know B they're probably twice over the course of spring training. In in -- over the course of the year probably come out at least one homestand a month so Ian Aussie guys quite a bit and try to land whatever expertise possible bomb in. Hopefully make their job a lot easier and you start to feel it in your bones when it's time to go to spring training and you know every year there's a cycle spring training. It is that started Somalia for -- and you know I think that if you ask the player. You know yeah I mean is the juices do flow and -- next stands up. Odds -- the stuff but you know being away from the game being more of an instructor it's it's a little bit more methodical from me really yeah. All right so does -- he instruction goes what would you work on them all depends. You know you try to give guys. The -- the most opportunity in baseball and a lot of that has to deal with you know. Known with count as what do with a guy's been thrown his tendencies stuff like that and pretty much known I had a time when he's a throw before you can throw that how much of that is involved in preparation -- I talked to some players. And they say well gosh we have so much information now was it that way when you're -- hitter or did you keep -- low key -- -- at first we kept little note pads and stuff because. You know -- before the advent of VCRs and stuff like that then. As that came along VCRs and dvd mean it's it's a big science now and you know it's it's amazing if you look at enough. You know video on on the screen you'll see some stuff and go hey I got him figured out in. It it comes it comes around goes around now as far as teaching guys two of the bigger names that people are gonna be wondering about Buster Posey because he's coming back I mean I think so I think for very Sanchez. But working with them as hitters. How does that work in conjunction with them getting physically healthy to perform the exactly you know I mean you -- get physically healthy for Arsenal. Nothing Boston is there I don't know where Freddie is right now but you know and -- -- when you step out on the field. You pretty much got to let go I mean you get put in a vacuum on it in the you know certain last year and you know you just gotta let it go and do what you've been doing for for your whole baseball life. In you know busters thing is being a catcher. You know he's gonna have to rebound from. You know what happens when -- squat for nine innings straight away how much gonna respond tomorrow you know and Freddie with a shoulder is you know I and I need to make sure I can get. The throws to home plate or first base third base or whatever it is. So you know -- a lot of question marks but that's what spring transformed how much of this is mental for -- guys just not not not just getting back. Healthy but just in general approaching the season -- the target was on the back end of the World Series champs. Now their. Part of that larger group aiming for the world that is exactly plus -- -- legs at. Like you said you know it's it's getting out there and can cut him loose Horry fewer pitches thrown -- -- go hey.

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