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7.16: SportsFlash: Tiger +1 in the British Open



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Thu, 26 Sep 2013|

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Let's bring in a guy who's been there and done that in terms of the Olympics but I had it in and you would seem to think that the first couple months of this NHL season are basically like a tryout for all the Olympic hopefuls all the guys that got invited to their respective camps what you see all the players right there there right there when they're talking about that sparkle in there either thinking about the opportunity to play for the represented countries and I like the fact that you know -- mature guy that's there is gonna have that. Opportunity it's no doubt that chance of a lifetime but the first part this season -- February it's going to be a full throttle for these players that are on the fringe making themselves known. There's going to be scouts for all the respective countries out these games watching them perform Penske gonna be those players that show that consistency. And show what they want to represent their countries. That'll be going over to Sochi Russia. What's the difference for guys like a Dan Boyle and Joseph Thornton who've been there before British Open Belsky. -- may be Logan -- or Marc-Edouard classic who would be doing this for the first time what's that first time experience like ours no doubt about it -- it's something that you know lives with you -- the day you -- I'm sure -- -- look back at my Olympic experiences as something that was a dream come true Logan talked about it as well so he knows what's on the line for the first part of this season he's -- gunning for. But again when you first walk into the Olympic Games opening ceremonies it's something that's gonna live with him and get a deal put another feather in his cap to add to what he's done already in his young career so. Well good sure gonna go for the Olympic team expectations for Stanley cups and -- this season Brett had a and we appreciate that.

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  1. going over to Sochi Russia. What's the difference for guys like a Dan Boyle and Joseph Thornton who've been there before British Open Belsky. may be Logan or Marc-Edouard classic who would be doing this for the first time what's that first time experience

  2. This and the area dot com. I mean he's awesome at Comcast sports net this is your morning minute after sundown field Phil Mickelson trophy case became a little brighter shot a five under 66 in the final. Round to win his first ever open championship and now five time major champion talks about how

  3. August issue above the mixing could sure went fast you poses and also. Posted a photo of her and Jason dot hearing at the British Open . Oh yeah I kind of an interesting take on marriage girl as young is going to be fun. So you're I got a shot. I had a

  4. everyday man is it crazy today about SEC football and Johnny football. That's the big story Yahoo! Sports also the open championship tiger to get a major for the first time in over five years ago they're checking out. But I need to know what

  5. Golf now in the US open besides Tiger Woods clearly in pain most of the weekend he's got a bum elbow. He doesn't know will be fully healed open championship but tiger says it will be good enough you spoke at the AT&T national tournament the tournament he Olson won last year. But had to withdraw

  6. golf star Tom wants it to the 2014. Ryder Cup team for the matches at Glen Eagles in Scotland. Watson won four of his five British Open championships in Scotland. And last captain of the American squad in 1993 coincidentally that was the last time they won

  7. And and then really. Do you have any openings. Always good shorter it would keep the game He would do off. Really good British Open victory. It's reason enough for the night. did you worry about me but we're room. You're stretched out in an inning

  8. that's what's gonna happen I'm eager to show how much better I am that I was in 2009 and show that. And we were both British Open statement on the show my skills what have you learned since that last fight with him. Well. I give a lot of respect that

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    And parachutes out for the first two rounds of the tournament Tiger Woods will be paired with who we who stays in the 2010 British Open champ. And Patrick can't play the California native they'll be teeing off at 1210. On Thursday from court Velde Dave

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    s a different to different situations and I was as funny was trying to get on the range and a couple in a low bullet. British Open drives us that I would not an So. It's it it feels good to get out here and and hit some some shots and and yeah I can

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    be helping them now you know cope with August and September and Edwards who else yet right now. Well I personally would British Open this year. And coach bill prevent either through injuries lose some players and took streaks losses. Well there. You

  12. s news. Had to do that I can help the team win. We're like for you enough that happy thought I think for the open championship here today and I. In my. I mean it's exciting. It it's and nothing knew I just got out of you know professional

  13. really good team executing. Guys. Yeah part of it that it doesn't take. That. That. It's him. But you know. A British Open so does that yeah. Good practice field. Some. And so. Quarterback. The ball some place votes up for us and ultimate

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    for needed and then GC around the kitchen needs him especially he certainly is stealing his talent. Can celebrate. The British Open field in pain artists and about a lot of big plays in the game because his own medicine or drowned religious cut when I

  15. element and our. I think probably. Over the commitment with the chips. I'd. And I have to give my man who has just the British Open you know the right right well championship I think that I'm familiar my congratulations. A lot of value do but I know

  16. 7.16: British Open Day Two Recap


    Fri, 16 Jul 2010

    stroke lead over Mark Calcavecchia who sits alone in second figure out when the British Open in 89 his only major thinking what come blame me when the British Open and I. It's six it's still in the seven strokes off the lead. did not finish

  17. practice. What. Against new system. British Open tiger. John Daly Rory McIlroy it or whatever Matt. And the British Open is it truly like it's it's Tiger ..... Buick Open this course. You had a British Open is a big deal I think golfers enjoy

  18. d did not right. I wanna ask you why and now that the British Open and yes his coming out here from the London metal Liverpool ..... one. He's a saint Andrews coming up obviously with the British Open and done. You know it's our belief that tiger you know

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    Sun, 19 Jul 2009

    British Open Champion Stewart Cink clutches the Jug as he takes questions from reporters in Turnberry, Scottland after winning his first major championship.

  20. 7.14: Sports Flash- Tiger Woods


    Tue, 14 Jul 2009

    play again. all the winners went a few tournaments which relies. Played it on this week. I airplane in his fourteenth British Open and act only monument on different courts if he won at saint Andrews. In 2005 for the first time since he and the 2000 mastered