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Former 49ers QB Brodie fights back from stroke



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Tue, 24 Jul 2012|

The Golf Channel highlights the 1970 NFL MVP John Brodie's recovery from his stroke, and where his true passion has always lied.


Machine Generated Transcript

John Brody laughs a lot. It's not real loud infectious laugh. Lovely way to. Considering his speech he's in -- the result of a severe stroke twelve years ago the doctor said hello rocket -- His -- just sky. John. His vocabulary there was limited to a few words frankly we would all do well thank you to use a little bit more often. Made a really good thank you John Dillon. The one thing I've learned the most from my father is strength and determination through adversity. He's just never given up. John Brody was a gifted athlete. Played football and golf at Stanford. He just his second season as 49ers quarterback in 1958 -- won the prestigious northern California amateur. He then qualified for the 1959. US open. Doing it again in 1981. That 22 years spin between appearance is still a record. And this same year Brody won the NFL MVP 1970. He also won the Bing Crosby alongside Bob Ross spurt. Becoming a fixture in the Bay Area golf scene turning up wherever there were a few bucks on the line. John -- of the play for money. And and love to play for pressure. Whether he was behind. Seven points with a minute to go or whether he was down a couple holes in a match play. -- Randolph longtime NBC producer caddied for Brodie as a kid and then later played matches with a -- Sharon heights their home course. He would go to ray Floyd's house and stay with the way I was doing an Orange Bowl then gamble brave for the whole week you know figured he'd be ray -- in his prime. The great whites believe that they can take anybody down. Nobody can take them down the great -- believe that can produce like that can play cards. Like to have back apparently there and -- -- -- list of what did there in there who actually. Upon retirement from football Brodie lane did -- the NBC broadcast Booth in the mid 1970 scored eleven year old. Included golf commentary. As well as we're Super Bowl telecast. But -- -- was playing the. I'm calling it. So -- 1986. He made eroded the Champions Tour. -- became the first athlete from another sport to win on the Champions Tour. You know as much as John enjoyed football. Yeah that twinkle in his side was for gulf and the F I easily see. There was a different passion their yes with golf now. With five kids and eleven grandkids the old quarterbacks still standing -- the pocket. Though his daughter does occasionally. Get to him he's looking out of the golf course and I CS start to get kind of like. Fat -- have been fat. He has me how to play golf again and I said yes dad you're gonna play golf again and he says. No no I'm gonna play here. And I thought wow you know Latin if you think you can do is have things you can do anything you know. I feel like he's thrown around Jesus. A pleasure to be around when I -- -- I feel stronger there's certain amount of people who stepped up and a hard situation and adversity. And there's some people who don't have the capacity to do that. My dad trying to keep up his --

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