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Gore: I don't care if they stack the box; we just gotta win



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Thu, 3 Oct 2013|

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We you know. Good feel great that we got better. -- us in the long run the ball. Knows having fun out there so it is that this is you know give us that comfortable -- would you know how well that's it. As it took -- -- -- -- -- -- Just on basic stuff notice. When they stick. What. -- power game. You know. My my the -- thing is he got a great feel for the game. And you know just calling plays and just running. In they don't let the would have more luck. Don't play. It was. Important just to get back to basics -- was just you know. It's called plays and -- just that is what. And man oh man and you know there's no way. Guys have heard back today. How he's receiving options how the -- yeah. -- -- -- Those gays -- right about you know it is -- there. You know a lot of people. When build this place in ways this you know he's so fast -- can't put a lot that has got to bring that he'd be in the game. In in his have wealth is not a lot. -- So again. Think you know he's become -- you know they still released him on -- play boomlet in Italy candid and and me you know so please day episode last week. And not think -- you know this week -- in the game and know we need. On sesame place where it is. They they they play. When nine -- exist in existence. And Arsenal. Like that in 94. This. If they today deeply. A great team offense defense. You know they would do it -- -- So to me it's one that well. You know that admitted a bit of game we know that it won't. Know. The games. Just -- just you don't stop. You know stop saying he's this he's fast strong. And Ted Davis love the game. They like it. Yeah in lives. That say. -- -- -- -- -- -- Inning set -- so nobody can we not. So in and I said this great game they got a great defense. They -- DB's. That is to be a good game. Yeah. But I mean. That's not much. I don't care if he does that mean this you know just -- bonus you know do whatever it takes to get it.

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