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Els: 'I'm right in it now, but need a really good round tomorrow'



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Mon, 17 Jun 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Let's talk about the US open first of all to Justin Rose -- the US open or did Phil Mickelson. Well a little bit of both the but of course you gotta give credit to Justin Rose shooting seventy -- that golf course in those conditions under that kind of pressure from behind sure you can. Easily write the narrative of Phil Mickelson heartbreaking he had 54 hole lead. And he shot 74 when 71 went on it and seven -- would about it so you can look at his bogeys on thirteen and fifteen no question but. Every golf tournament you can make that case that the guy has got his point is they're putting became my -- I don't Nordstrom and go to -- golf here at Kentucky -- -- because -- right what you're talking about. The fact. Didn't at least been a question about the course itself look at us and that's likes to golf next birdie on us or don't know where but -- -- -- -- final -- -- -- Aaron -- replaying that envelope. But that's you know we're talking about Marion a year ago at Olympic club Johnny Miller said the course is the winner of the US open. Is it the same -- we wanna start the -- scores some red numbers as well at the US open they sort of pride themselves he got me thinking about the as well as the guys you've expanded US open -- is what I was doing that in the US open I think they pride themselves on being the anti masters the masters -- birdies and Eagles. And the US open sort of so they're going to be like that hard school teacher what about this in the college traumatic I think one can do that here you -- TV -- -- me -- -- on ice pick -- I don't I don't know I don't know if that's what I need you know the US -- loves that personality and they love being the only turned it all year we see -- to me where you see a player struggle Hendry didn't. And it's not all about -- me even par is a great score and there's nothing wrong with seeing these guys is. Have different challenges and I'm not playing for money but I know this is I'm my my long game is very Good Charlotte coliseum these guys have different challenges and then in being tested in ways and you look at the way just -- -- -- those final two holes if you don't think he was playing great golf. Then you're right you're missing something -- right pars on seventeen and eighteen where were brilliant displays of golf Phil Mickelson. Four majors yet but six times he comes up as a bridesmaid. At the US open what is he gonna be remembered for -- to be remembered as as the -- looking at a dual thing at the modern day Arnold Palmer as far as the drills go Carl have a lot of heartbreak to ten runner ups I think he's in majors. But also that a number of majors -- themselves up. Forty can't there are always three masters as an all time great he's obviously a hall of Famer but to be runner up at six US opens Sam Snead. What a great -- -- -- never won a US open to become this generation's. Sam Snead who never won a US open this generation's Arnold Palmer whoever he loves the -- As for mangers that's a lot of made that still six more than Ernie Els Vijay saying how those guys Camara knows what he's got that -- Gene Chizik say do it. Often thought that I just Aussie opens does that make you the Phil Mickelson of this segment you're the winner yes. Exactly right Brian Murphy does and you hear this guy in the mornings at five tonight Monday through Friday Merck and -- candy art thanks for joining us and yeah it was not a lot of fun we made a couple.

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  1. Did Rose win the U.S. Open or did Mickelson lose it?

    this generation's Arnold Palmer whoever he loves the As for mangers that's a lot of made that still six more than Ernie Els Vijay saying how those guys Camara knows what he's got that Gene Chizik say do it. Often thought that I just Aussie

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    really a nonissue. And get to see once they are allowed to take it makes some contact to see if how fearless he remains. Ernie Els does cover skills what's gonna have to stick his nose in there. And you know see whether he can or cannot do that

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    really there's no other updates and injury report other than. Mike Goodson was today so he did not. Did not practice. Ernie Els is really was yesterday. well we're gonna keep it open right now there's there's. You know obviously options that

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    on its own there thousands of Burton act. Your run here at them things. Acting and that's who had background behind Ernie Els and that's Princeton. It isn't preteen age at that time when he got eating the heat. I wouldn't like your actor

  1. but then. will put off from up top and Tyler it finishing down we're tied at one end just about a minute later joked with Els he would be great backhand pass to watch. you know right about here just turn on the Jets amazing yeah you talked about the

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    Sun, 6 Oct 2013

    game Mike tonight let every pitch matters everything we are. Now seen the excitement out on the mound that means and I mean. Els a big play for us and obviously got us out of a enough got got us back in the dugout ready to hit saw a great night for Sonny

  3. different player. He's put on ten pounds of muscle that's really enabled him to lock it up. In pass protection blitz pick up Els and he never dated Oregon but he's really done a good job in the one on one drills against linebackers. Where La Michael James

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    t let them let us they've been more vocal leader got flag listed. Homo get elected so less might mean that the hometown Els Greg until so there's been not just leave but again guys. Contract here and here we think about that we have to know what

  5. and they're gonna have your personnel. This was. No good time for him. You know throw good the bad news release it. And Els says he hasn't had a walk off winners since double A sometime in New Hampshire he said that. The Giants will face in another

  6. to be his slider. He knocked me down two strikes. On this one to to. Like in a bag down and if you hit it's me but now. Els you know fortunate enough to Chris on the line tonight and hope the team win here giving him. Much. I definitely I mean I definitely

  7. before a lot the last four holes we play. And when you the look on his fights or could there really was not as good friend Ernie Els is like congratulation. And he said then it'll happen you want and I bet I think we all thought it would happen this

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    Mon, 11 Mar 2013

    would steal second putting himself in scoring position. Now Morse at the plate dirt. What it takes off that third that throws Els all of the third baseman is racist hole to tie the game action all. Still in the bottom of the sixth inning out longhorns with

  9. in. There and it. It's pretty much all of and just try to react and sometimes catch it and sometimes not get somewhere. Els buster buster throat and throw wrinkles in there on and off. in you know Miami's view is gonna hack and so it's getting

  10. RD in in third. Saying there in the read is you get to Frankel or any kept giving it to them and can't given it to him and Els the right play. He didn't lose his poise the team. Remain patient and. They are the same and I beat the defense remain patient

  11. Tabulated on CSN Bay Area dot com eleven intercept it and completions in that game. And really only one was an untouchable past Els won and he threw away to avoid it five yard. Loss with a bad snaps up. He's done such a good job of taking the sack when

  12. Josh Redick and Stephen Drew and really struggled giving up 44 and two thirds innings. They still think it would be from the Els next up by huge ten game road in Detroit new York and taxes. Well that's it for this edition of morning minute he's sure

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    Mon, 10 Sep 2012

    Hayley wrote back sets Alexandra Espinosa who tools and off the block for the winner. When he eighteen into Albany fights that Els that's a high flying Carol That thunderbolt lays it down for the team lead and some great play making for the Isabel recruit

  14. offseason. You go there. It was news to still come off the shoulder injury so he's kind of the same boat as Shaughnessy. Price Els just got a little hamstring was on. And he's kind of the type of player that would look good for so he's important to

  15. as well as we should have the physical preparation mental preparation. A little things like pregame press impose Kaymer and Els won't work or didn't work. And come out to have my important six several weeks we have spring training this is words start

  16. as we should have the physical preparation mental preparation. A little things like pregame press preview impose Kaymer and Els who won't work or didn't work there. And talking about the most important six several weeks we have spring training this

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    basketball hall. died today at forty points five rebounds assists later in the fourth game still tied it into the boulevard and Els and tiger mark has brought the ball up. mom gets assists for the almighty. Under two and a half to go outside clock winding

  18. Saunders who has experience and a ton of it he's an guy in the NFL. But the waiting answered it was a very specific Kate. Els our guy it's Al's got another year in his contract here Oakland I did you see that Yeah I thought he handled that very politically

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    Sun, 20 Nov 2011

    on. The scene now. On TV either way it was dress up. I don't know so. Sometimes not everything we've seen. He'll do Els thank dale. Little more now. Methodically. played well made some made some big time throws again what time is lose the there

  20. were Tell me about the whole project you obviously did from a photograph I think that's that's probably like circuit 1997. Els got the he's got they he's on the sideline before game to tell me about the details that that that you put in the work to