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The Sochi Winter Games: One year to go


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Thu, 5 Sep 2013|

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First so often I think unless that team last year to play off. Let him go and let him so different that you need strong arm got Smart guys can read defenses and moved to package. I mean you pretty much make all the throws so we. You know he's come into his second year we have to be sound in our curriculum do we have do agreed to with the front seven in career -- -- -- you. Movement. Inside out a lot during that between teams here almost after hitting planes sometimes when you think -- -- importantly -- yeah I mean obviously I'm an -- like the last. Through four years so something I've grown accustomed to you know playing corner. In big situations you want to know come in with a nickel package. Coaches that constantly. Put him in at the Nicklaus was something that I've grown accustomed. This team. Like the -- nine starters mean but most of it coming guys have been here done that. Help you bring together and and a how many guys from some. I had just have a lot of guys that played a lot of football so they -- bringing different. You know -- philosophies experiences from you know when they play a different technique. It can possibly help us out and -- always have to put it all together. I should have nine guys quite a few the finish. The mound -- started so we had to gel together and we've been doing a great job on indoor training camp. You know pre season was in the national forest where this appreciate those four games this. Q rating for we won in the make history during the season and no ability finish you know the way you you -- -- wanted to. We still ahead of the best embodies that opportunity to learn from our mistakes and move forward and you know we've corrected those things and -- look forward to playing Sunday. As defense has he yet. I don't know.

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  19. staff got it out of five finalist to sign read the five final entrants here they are. And shows. Nicholas I think there and Nicklaus spoke at his grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 but the team. I can't for the 49ers turn around their

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