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Curry, Lee show appreciation for reception abroad



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Tue, 15 Oct 2013|

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-- -- gave the Coleman's on the first. This is an awesome experience for us. As -- team to. Play in Beijing you know for us some great fans and you know thankful we got the win. We would have played prior our best half in the second half. All pre season so. Opting for us to get better and just you know excited about that history that we players today. -- the stuff and that there -- Sure tomorrow. I guess someone was stuff said it was. He was amazing to be out here playing in front of these fans so we felt the enthusiasm. Not only for our team but for the Lakers for for both teams and the love of basketball is very evident over here. And I thought our team came in and put a pretty good second half we. Made some mistakes but I think we made up Ford and we learned a lot and we're we're just continuing to work towards the start of the regular season or will play these Lakers again so. Thanks to it's everybody in Beijing and winning them we will -- And is John Daly we knew that you bring your found me years past you -- to you your daughter. So far how how they feel about posters here in China and the whole atmosphere. They love it. And none of them have been here before either so. They were excited and you know pay for that we had -- -- to bring them over with us so. They went on tour and the city today yesterday. While we are practicing in calm and and obviously tonight I got some in the crowd in time they are having a blast so. Anytime that you can come to you know different see that you have been -- new new country. He's taken a closer this is a great opportunity. Statement I'm sure you cardinal defense intense and Coby -- -- and and do you think upon his tonight deserves a little bit. Curry curry is so high that. It sounds good. You know we -- know -- a great coach B is and no wind so many championships so. Until we get a you know a couple rings. And gets in his though then know. Was his -- get better have fun on the court can win some games and you know -- the finish your -- for who they want to. David question you can pass pretty strong first quarter there. How is it hasn't been adjusting to the different time and then what was your reaction to the fans out there in this arena. Just sort of come on be aggressive so that's what the roles I have on this team is to two start is working inside out and that's. Know the way it's supposed to work is that we can we can get some stuff on the inside early in the game and then that opened up the other outside for guys like step to shoot threes as the game goes on so. I just try to be aggressive on both ends and -- worked out well and and it was easy to get off to a good start like that with the with the the arena we were in Minnesota had a good feel to it and coming into the game we were -- we're excited to be here and and like I said there's the crowd provide some good energy for from the start again. All change it shouldn't go it -- challenge we have thank you thank you Dave Reid and second step. -- --

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