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7.15: SportsFlash - Tiger says you can't fake it at Turnberry



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Wed, 15 Jul 2009|

In this SportsFlash from Wednesday July 15th, SportsNet Central's Scott Reiss takes you to Turnberry, Scotland where Tiger Woods knows that weather could be a key factor in the 2009 British Open.


Machine Generated Transcript

It's galleries and our sports net central studios with this sports flash Tiger Woods in unfamiliar territory heading into the open championship. Having never before braved the links the -- very. He's just hoping mother nature cooperates. Just can't make it tough. You have to live position your ball and then -- depends on mother. The weather doesn't belong than you can shoot some good scores and some of the notable tee times Thursday at all times Pacific tiger in a threesome with Japanese teenage sensation Ryo Ishikawa and Lee Westwood. Don't forget -- up to the moment Bay Area sports news check out what's best central sixth 1030 and that.