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Scott's resilience shines in Masters championship



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Mon, 17 Jun 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Let's talk about the US open first of all to Justin Rose -- the US open or did Phil Mickelson. Well a little bit of both the but of course you gotta give credit to Justin Rose shooting seventy -- that golf course in those conditions under that kind of pressure from behind sure you can. Easily write the narrative of Phil Mickelson heartbreaking he had 54 hole lead. And he shot 74 when 71 went on it and seven -- would about it so you can look at his bogeys on thirteen and fifteen no question but. Every golf tournament you can make that case that the guy has got his point is they're putting became my -- I don't Nordstrom and go to -- golf here at Kentucky -- -- because -- right what you're talking about. The fact. Didn't at least been a question about the course itself look at us and that's likes to golf next birdie on us or don't know where but -- -- -- -- final -- -- -- Aaron -- replaying that envelope. But that's you know we're talking about Marion a year ago at Olympic club Johnny Miller said the course is the winner of the US open. Is it the same -- we wanna start the -- scores some red numbers as well at the US open they sort of pride themselves he got me thinking about the as well as the guys you've expanded US open -- is what I was doing that in the US open I think they pride themselves on being the anti masters the masters -- birdies and Eagles. And the US open sort of so they're going to be like that hard school teacher what about this in the college traumatic I think one can do that here you -- TV -- -- me -- -- on ice pick -- I don't I don't know I don't know if that's what I need you know the US -- loves that personality and they love being the only turned it all year we see -- to me where you see a player struggle Hendry didn't. And it's not all about -- me even par is a great score and there's nothing wrong with seeing these guys is. Have different challenges and I'm not playing for money but I know this is I'm my my long game is very Good Charlotte coliseum these guys have different challenges and then in being tested in ways and you look at the way just -- -- -- those final two holes if you don't think he was playing great golf. Then you're right you're missing something -- right pars on seventeen and eighteen where were brilliant displays of golf Phil Mickelson. Four majors yet but six times he comes up as a bridesmaid. At the US open what is he gonna be remembered for -- to be remembered as as the -- looking at a dual thing at the modern day Arnold Palmer as far as the drills go Carl have a lot of heartbreak to ten runner ups I think he's in majors. But also that a number of majors -- themselves up. Forty can't there are always three masters as an all time great he's obviously a hall of Famer but to be runner up at six US opens Sam Snead. What a great -- -- -- never won a US open to become this generation's. Sam Snead who never won a US open this generation's Arnold Palmer whoever he loves the -- As for mangers that's a lot of made that still six more than Ernie Els Vijay saying how those guys Camara knows what he's got that -- Gene Chizik say do it. Often thought that I just Aussie opens does that make you the Phil Mickelson of this segment you're the winner yes. Exactly right Brian Murphy does and you hear this guy in the mornings at five tonight Monday through Friday Merck and -- candy art thanks for joining us and yeah it was not a lot of fun we made a couple.

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    that is just. Huge hit it straight hit it long and hopefully he'll be able to joined that select group that went. Back to back his first masters championships Trevor thank you so much your time good luck this weekend. Thank you Greg.