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5.14: Jerry Rice sets Nationwide Tour course record



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Mon, 11 Jun 2012|

Golf Channel recaps June 4, 2012, 'Golfs Longest Day' that saw 11 regional qualifying tournaments for the 2012 U.S. Open take place.


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Can. This is the promised land this is where -- seven and seventy players want to end up. Good morning to you from site at a country club greetings from -- country club and summit New Jersey and here is still -- Georgia at the -- good morning from Springfield country club I'm here Rockville Maryland -- -- country club US sectional qualifier golf's longest day turned into golf's longest wait here Germantown country club for me chilly and rainy emerald valley and here at the village -- in Glenallen Illinois. Here at black diamond ranch in the heat of Florida the Texas sectional qualifiers being played at lakeside country club in Houston good morning and predictably cold and Dan Daly City, California. The. He's your 700. Stories they're all unique they're all different and it doesn't do over the course of our four hours and. And all day long until midnight in the east -- We just may see the next winner of our national championship emerge. For one of these sides there's gonna be about a half hour delay. There is severe weather in the area at first and foremost is excited an exhausted James -- and improved to seventeen hours ago won for the first time on the nationwide tour. He boarded a plane. Got to San Francisco 1 in the morning and he's out there trying to qualify in that final group is Casey Martin's. She tries to qualify for his second US open. And a second visit to the Olympic club the oldest player in sectional qualifier Tom -- certainly knows his way around the national championship. How about Sebastian cramped -- sixteen years old and hanging with the game by -- 66 over at Harding park I was yeah alternate. Couple under through four holes and skipping -- Anthony Summers of Australia. Anthony eleven under par you have never played in the major championship you've never played the PGA tour event how do you feel. Feel great and I had a great day out there Jane are you excited about going back. Very excited yeah I played those senses the golf club earlier this year and there set everything up for us prepare Olympics and thought to myself let's we're going to be Todd Hamilton was taken off the golf course with dehydration brought into the locker room where his body started to cramp he almost passed -- said. Put ice packs around his body temperature down and gave him some fluids after about ten minutes he said in his words feeling a 100% better. Well that day for one dream coming true perhaps for another I want you to hold up his golden ticket for the camera this is the US open championship information that you kept. Trying not to tape -- -- scared of LeBron -- to get it. Like how many players up there well my mom couldn't and I -- the Michael Allen two under through ten holes he's hanging in there would be great if he could finally get to Olympic club -- you -- bolt of lightning come behind us. The officials here are being -- about when you think there you go into the bunker 58 minutes ago. I have one hour today. And I -- full and I'm ready to rock alongside medalist. James time how does that sound that's going to. Who played your first major championship goes uphill. Yeah phone use and now. -- -- I'm pumped up for. It's a dream come true. Italian job of that period of the golden tickets to -- I gotta think it was the legs Kennedy and his legs are actually laced them up on the east. It's Leandro Castro he actually fought through food poisoning -- ever on Sunday so the delay -- wash out on the first day actually helped him. I'm very fortunate I've played Olympic wants. I love San Francisco. So it'll be good. And we did it good to go back. There is a great moment when I. Turned professional you know my father's. You know you can like I was pitching their job much because you have pitching didn't play in the open for 97 Olympic. Of course I never came close. And I've never been an element here that's kind of why I started playing fast food. Our men for three spots is in -- a -- unloaded on speechless I can't believe that thing went and I didn't see the ball drops. -- in his desire to crowd royalist government. Youngstown Ohio 42 years old -- -- five year old back home tried twelve times to get to the US open. You're playing in the US open in two weeks enemies again it's not sinking in and it's incredible. We just on the puck drop for him again. Had no why did drop. Last time the US open was held in the Olympics in 1998 Casey -- played any played with a golf cart what does it mean you're you're going back to Olympic. You know means a lot and little nervous and why it's really hard -- -- like this you know I wanna be really excited but I know gonna get that first tee I'm just gonna be. As can be really difficult but I am excited to. I love about the US open and easy so open. Can't wait to see these guys can.

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