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Freiman: 'This is what you want to look like after a game'


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Thu, 27 Jun 2013|

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Golf now in the US open besides Tiger Woods clearly in pain most of the weekend he's got a bum elbow. He doesn't know will be fully healed -- -- open championship but tiger says it will be good enough you spoke at the AT&T national tournament the tournament he Olson won last year. But had to withdraw from because of his injury. I pushed it pretty good depth at the open plant and to play through it. -- worst -- in the -- -- -- -- Eventually got to a point where and I wasn't able played here so. Listen my -- and down. Not not touch McClover were treating it and that makes us sort the strengthening process of it and a certain balls get up Strief emerged.

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  1. Morning Minute: Stanford flavor at U.S. Open; a first for MadBum

    practice round together. set for the open. Woods and Martin played briefly together on the farm and then later on the PGA tour in fact the last time the Olympic club hosted the US open in 1998. Longtime friends both finished in the top twenty

  2. Morning Minute: Warriors fall late to Blazers; Tiger Woods finally back on top

    left in the opener of lessons shot on seven. He seven in the final round tests in. For the win it's his 72 overall PGA tour win and his person 900. Okay that makes sure you tune in this fourth at central tonight at six and again at 1030. We

  3. Rory McIlroy: 'It's great to come back as the defending champion'

    fairway there's logic applied. We are going to be joined by the defending US open champion at a very young star on the PGA tour alleged while doing the right thing and it is Rory McIlroy welcome personal road to the Bay Area the Giants pregame live

  4. US Open qualifying -- the dream becomes a reality

    Summers of Australia. Anthony eleven under par you have never played in the major championship you've never played the PGA tour event how do you feel. Feel great and I had a great day out there Jane are you excited about going back. Very excited

  1. Golf now in the US open besides Tiger Woods clearly in pain most of the weekend he's got a bum elbow. He doesn't know will be fully healed open championship but tiger says it will be good enough you spoke at the AT&T national tournament the tournament he Olson won last year. But had to withdraw

  2. us a couple things to sorrow is. Obviously Louis and then I was sort of apology. They need to offend anyone. I those to us caught off guard by the question. But the minute wrong. I understand that my answer was to at least have to replace. And and accuracy sorry about that. Also like to say sorry

  3. Sunday Tiger Woods got his 74 career win at the AT&T national passing of Jack Nicholas to become second all time in PGA tour wins overseas. The 2012 year old finals saw Spain defending its 2008 year old title against Italy Spain devastated Giants

  4. golf. Chronicle live lower show live from the Olympic club. They utilized Golf Channel talent. As well as local former PGA tour pro Scott McCarron in the US open play. Takes a lot out of you so you gotta be rested and be ready to get this difficult

  5. painful 1998 was memorable for not so much for his 23 place US open finish at the Olympic club but. More so for biting the PGA tour in court and winning the right to do what he did Monday use a cart to help them compete. I don't like to be the center

  6. wind game has improved a lot the last him. Fans around the world usually root for their own do you feel like with the PGA tour being the biggest tour world must look. You feel like you can breakthrough in America as a corporate entity. I hope

  7. feels a certain sense of freedom. I feel that my career complete one off from it when a major but play ten years the PGA tour and stuff done I dreamed about. Know you. and so for him to do that. Just blessing and said your career complete it

  8. Woods admits that his body doesn't recover like it used to, but that he understands training the best he ever has.

  9. 10.5: Frys.com Open


    Wed, 5 Oct 2011

    nearly two months since we've seen him. Compete in a PGA tour event and it was not pretty but He says that's behind ..... in the world can still have this kind of effect on the PGA tour week in and we can no question but this is the historical

  10. 8.10: Tiger Woods press conference


    Wed, 10 Aug 2011

    Michael Jordan dominate the sport or have a whole bunch other teams contend. And what's your take on the state of the PGA tour now all of these players. While tickets I've always been one of enjoyed watching. Dynasties or robberies in my room

  11. 6.19: SFG/OAK postgame -- Aubrey Huff


    Sun, 19 Jun 2011

    I really put his interleague series and advance to the home team he's he's PGA tour when you guys go home. However its leaders later Posey we know pictures and hamburgers. And He themselves now. Well you know

  12. Bramlet can reminisce this week paired together in the AT&T national pro am. Competing against each other now on the PGA tour isn't really that different from their days on the farm this is. Fun when we play every time this good really competitive

  13. final. And when I'm entertaining can't hit Giants did back in action closer Brian Wilson turned up on Tuesday at the PGA tour pro golfer capital his. You know he's pretty. If you do your job things. Silent. I'm glad I'm gonna try to do

  14. 2.1: Brian Wilson, the caddy


    Wed, 2 Feb 2011

    one off it's not fun of people but it's golf. Plan or some plays and we're strangle hold them. Talks nobody This PGA tour need more yes. Need more actresses and it's probably two adults and both love and respect. We'll get there you missed

  15. wins I have to be probably fourth or better to still when the season long Schwab cup winners like the FedEx Cup on the PGA tour . And the winner gets a million dollar bonus for years so that's a nice pay out of the end his season. So how are you

  16. saint Andrews is right. The popularity of tiger worldwide where is it and the game specifically. The Tiger Woods says PGA tour eleven yep games that's selling less now in light of what happened where's that all that was tiger. Well so it

  17. car accident. And the floodgates open tiger began losing sponsorship abandoned golf and ultimately. Ended up at the PGA tour 's headquarters of Florida's forgiveness in a prepared statement he apologized on February 19. But did not take questions

  18. 2.19: Tiger Woods Addresses the Media


    Fri, 19 Feb 2010

    reached out to me and my family. Thank you. You're encouragement. Means the world to UN and make. I want to thank the PGA tour . Commissioner finchem. And the players. For their patience. And understanding. While working my private life. A

  19. 2.9: Ricky Barnes with Greg Papa


    Tue, 9 Feb 2010

    it will boost the confidence sided. Bit about 44 and a half years in between Oden and a few exemptions out here on the PGA tour . Played on the nationwide for about three and a half years and then finally able to get my card throughout the year last

  20. 11.30: John Feinstein with Greg Papa


    Tue, 1 Dec 2009

    Well I think it depends on who you talk into the Dolphins community Greg I think Tim finchem. The commissioner of the PGA tour is probably quaking in his shoes because tiger is a towards meal ticket. And when his image takes a hit. The tour takes