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Exclusive: Phil Mickelson practices at The Olympic Club



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Thu, 24 Oct 2013|

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He was he. -- -- -- -- house we have we don't know a whole lot of success. Tickets and it's over here anyway even before a coherent I think and obviously if take a lot from what we don't want us here -- -- that was part of what we would doors to go to a place. You know explain everything is pretty -- school. Was -- games. I think we you know we had a chance simple as sort of the corner. We should learn listen -- on. You know given that since importantly by the -- that -- -- and they came back it. They're free -- change histories vital role model wonder about -- Clippers team that any games that cost him. Last. So yeah. Yeah I mean if you -- to do their job. In Moscow -- -- -- games he's just make sure we get -- -- of schools. About -- coming close to those rebounds. They're pretty good offensive rebounding team that he is no excuse to give up it was a two to -- offensive rebounds into third -- which hasn't won a country so. What a Sydor on him it costs a game because really believe in the third quarter we should push that lead out of Michigan loss was caused him. I'm not the manager was OK unless he goes more justice. You know that I've placement on the time and some Mickelson decisions in the third quarter with a cut the -- for -- -- support. We guys -- to -- excuse. You -- cause of -- back to home sleeping in. As -- -- it was unseasonably -- or month I don't know we play you know play every other day for almost an episode. You try and O'Neal was that I think. It's you know. And you know it universal about us when he was -- today you know would talk to around. Teams are taught us through so. We -- and we know that we come into explicit scenes of I'm supposed to be just hope I don't think it was official -- put into play expressionist and as a free flowing team must aggression to a three to get up and down. So we took him.

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  1. caused him. I'm not the manager was OK unless he goes more justice. You know that I've placement on the time and some Mickelson decisions in the third quarter with a cut the for support. We guys to excuse. You cause of back to home sleeping in. As

  2. isn't so different than previously and Steelers at ensemble and team. Will be taught him and the it happens again I think Mickelson can easily as we could go and there's two things there's enough about what. Except hopefully you know us not. To put

  3. and the area dot com. I mean he's awesome at Comcast sports net this is your morning minute after sundown field Phil Mickelson trophy case became a little brighter shot a five under 66 in the final. Round to win his first ever open championship

  4. and now I'm not really sure. What you mean personally about personal. And too much. country it is like us. I think you Mickelson won every game so you Versa the they turn the corner and each and if you would play. Yeah obviously. Kicked off a mansion

  5. Justin Rose the US open or did Phil Mickelson . Well a little bit of both the ..... Easily write the narrative of Phil Mickelson heartbreaking he had 54 hole lead ..... were brilliant displays of golf Phil Mickelson . Four majors yet but six times

  6. Talk about Eric Adelson he is the Yahoo! Sports golf X thirty joins us on the phone right now. And last year Eric big that was held just down the road here at the Olympic club. And it the course one how was the course playing and are more Pennsylvania through two days. The court is definitely

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    point in this game scored three unanswered and that. You do something to the next please prove something here once again soon and told them fair and as an appointment. And it cost them some different. Mickelson I'm so prospect for for.

  8. might be able to being introduced before the start thinking Mikey in his final game with the Falcons Falcons come out firing Mickelson drives in scores for two or. On and it's Mikey on the run this is Sebastian Flores over to new rule for three. You end

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    or four goals are scored and in what do you even saying to each other at that point. Didn't score so quickly and it you know how much time vehicles on the and Mickelson and so. It was just a calm things down to control the game him.

  10. press conference to tell me. How is that the biggest story this week at the Super Bowl I think so it was although Phil Mickelson dropped a sixty today announced that 59 but that's. Dad beyoncé. Who live performance that was my favorite moment

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    questions okay you can tie him with this Which one of these people famous people did not did not go to ASU. Golfer Phil Mickelson . I did Nick Nolte who was in 48 hours with Eddie Murphy Charles Barkley. Barry Bonds or baseball announcer and football

  12. don't five back in those. You know as just another. No reference point watching the Cardinals last month. Went for a Mickelson will be in the front left. That's the key to differ from the bullpen was so good against the reds villagers tough starts

  13. these. Whose name. I what would you and take that. That is game you know tomorrow. Can't really say. Accuracy that. Mickelson and easy this week. It's. Children playing helmet. Right I have days where you. That the it really when he was when

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    any given like I'm making mistakes on my best season. Us tonight correct. It's. He'll the box. You know you know he's never go he knows. It's. Best thing. Yeah Mickelson yeah well apparently the negativity. You know yet.

  15. don't. Also it yeah. The promotion. Of the month the world who is available for journalism all of them and upon the Mickelson . And I'm talking. Into the that complete but that didn't get involved and more as the differences.

  16. program was produced and aired on NBC Bay Area. Immediately after the NBC sports coverage and what. The big pairing Phil Mickelson Bubba Watson all play together teeing off at 7:33. In the morning and well aside from Michael Thompson made the

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    way. Again and then moving along and are the are you kidding me being. Are you kidding me what a great pairing with some Mickelson tiger. And although we have. Tire wanting to improve upon that performance and Pavel when he was paired with Phil. We have

  18. coming up this hole number thirteen post Phil and Bubba. Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson who will be. Playing together Thursday ..... obviously that's a must see you got to see Bubba Watson if Phil Mickelson a tiger was a little bit. What's number 21 year what

  19. Watson. Is paired with tiger as his Phil Mickelson the last time tiger and Phil played around together it was Mickelson who fired a final round 64 to take ..... 75. Thus it's understandable Mickelson is the one who seems more excited

  20. It feels good look at Fort Worth. Play the golf course now a couple times and it's it's quick counter this hit there this came up to speed. I'm sure that'll. Get quicker as the week goes on but. I sit and it just a wonderful test and a all the since been redone since we here in 98 and that the new