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10.11: Presidents Cup Wrap



  1. Big Ten0:14
  2. Bailey's4:48
  3. Venus2:45
  4. Braves4:55
  5. Chicago2:04
  6. White House4:11
  7. United States4:30
  8. money back5:24
  9. mystical experience4:05
  10. rain delay0:36
Thu, 1 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

I mean I'm not get them. NBA dot com and -- a little -- Big Ten. I mean they're lightning rain. Brandon -- -- let you know. And -- -- look -- the list present here evening no you know when you and Crawford talked. Credit talk about rain delay we -- it we're not -- -- yet we're gonna hope that there isn't one but he. 401 and at what. -- what you believe is that. You know I think -- you are guys who plugged in the circle. We were really make the circle on injured very very. OK I don't really quite literally we don't do anything differently ulyetza. -- circle of trust and -- so -- Feels good about ourselves and an iron. Don't really different I mean -- they're the plays that happen. But. We're here in the hall of -- -- Started out. Guess we know. You wanted to yourself what. Come here that would. Actually I I. And it was -- I was wondering if you went out and actually saw you on the street today and it. -- garden party I don't know your regular there's not been going our way -- trainer and everything every Chicago relevant. Yeah from the presidents. Cup player and we're part violence hotline. Okay let's go period and again I don't know if there happen -- -- nice win last night but it. And you know -- had. I'm married now. -- -- Everywhere you -- Yeah I think this of this we I don't think I really don't think guys ever -- against. Venus is not only is that are in our -- OK right now. But they blew the lead. -- yourself mixed up -- Because. You know I go there don't make the -- Now we got a few things that -- probably really only get better and I got here and I play better than what it coming that's colors -- so. I'm really just focus on yourself don't work well. Whose parts. We're but the team went but. In the case of what when -- when your we're loving yourself later we'll win more the that we'll win more you play better than -- And I nearly -- because fans don't even -- our thing. Hiding. Behind that guy out time I've seen guys good going on that if there's -- a lot of work. A few minutes to go back. If you play on Monday night on my -- is so much. At practice. However he mean maybe another again. Yeah. Had a -- going out there really is a mystical experience -- from the go ahead and seeing the White House. Like he. -- hot hitting going -- -- I felt there was. I think that is pretty cool maybe it's. Yeah maybe I'll hollow no that's not really. Guys here are a number of the United States right with a doctor. Was pretty all. I got to go until eleven. Because actually. I like he's gotten beyond Crawford is your always making it. We'll -- Bailey's broad -- mostly pretty boring but. Here lately we go out this grim winter stuff Braves series. Teammates didn't put some. Somebody else's body I'm building a -- -- -- On Lloyd -- body. And here's another number no no that is. ID also put my big moment draft -- into. -- look to move weird yeah I don't. -- -- -- -- -- so we. And has -- money back when you're that when he. I felt like you. Mac making his hair around the idea that well but also our arch street. -- coach -- it's a lot of turbulence. Tomorrow probably won't let him. -- large -- woman on the beach. Obviously it was it was not. If you've ever seen but you can tell it's. Been a close. Yeah you know we have are hungry and I can -- production. That's a lot to me. If needed I. -- I can't let them get some of them are right we -- My mom baby the end of.

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  1. Harding Park Golf Course was in such disarray it was used as a parking lot for the 1998 U.S. Open at the Olympic Club. Now, it hosts its own major events.

  2. better. Yeah. It was well I think you know that comes from. On the scout before you have it was a in the worst presidents cup so you know. You know so we have to give management created on this.

  3. Couples. The the best of the best out on our should be fun. And truck park is never looked better after hosting the presidents cup in 2009 imagine Fred Couples. He's the guy you're look at is precisely 582. Points behind you in the current

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  6. 7. Pairings Thursday's first day of play in the presidents cup will be announced at Harding park. Cool tiger will ..... the Golf Channel beginning at 1 PM all the latest presidents cup information. Baseball playoffs get under way Wednesday

  7. the bussing for everybody involved. It was a loses. They're great team and Joe Thornton tomorrow. There. The presidents cup plans last year and I considered part of him. It's. To save for years here. The guys there. A lot of guys