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Harbaugh on Pete Carroll: 'I've always enjoyed his company'



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Fri, 13 Sep 2013|

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-- -- -- -- -- It is great to play. And excited to. North to Seattle but did this game going. Walker third place you like you look at the game. In the. They didn't play quite a bit in the there in their entire defense better. Good showing is as usual it's it's a fine defense. -- It's always good professional relationship. There will be sent to. I. I enjoy his company and your personal relationship. And for a lot things. Made out to be what. People make about the BQ. Were. There. We're not -- Body. Well we wanted to all I want to raise our program up to that program that was. What we was our goal and so. -- -- that. -- that I had that mind and and then work to achieve. That victory. You were here all. It was our cornerstone type of win. For the program. For the program yeah. My -- you know. Is as you know I mean. Injury report is that something that I. Hello -- Pulled up by our. Corporation's director and with the advice of the trainers. That the person winters -- there. -- I did a good job. He's got good. All. The little cut -- little opportunity there. Looked was. Executed pretty well go to thirty yard. Were again. That and then you guys are. Yeah that's what we talk about every week of the importance of that say is that. You know both sides you know put a great deal of effort into. In the best for you possibly be at it. Here. 4050 years. They'll relegated to compare people too much. Easier to great. Physical fast. Got great ball security. It's tough tough. Tough Ryder Cup man is a real football player. Love. We're right where he had to understand it. I have no reaction to. 00 reaction to. The fights. The direction of the league. Off the disabled public. You can get hot here we'll. -- -- --

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  8. deal that was great and it was forty years after the after Steve Martin was 21 years old when I got him on the show was a Ryder Cup and rob Ryan was 21. And I was there would be the final here we are fired the show him fired and and a month later that

  9. PGA touring pros have to for prize money Ryder Cup points and the prestigious title. All while sharing their stage with amateurs. But it gets have a lot of patience I've got