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12.2: Steve Stricker on Tiger Woods



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Wed, 2 Dec 2009|

Steve Stricker talks about preparing for a tournament in the midst of the drama surrounding Tiger Woods.


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Obviously because of -- close association with tiger how difficult is it for you preparing for this turn it. Knowing all this is going on about this stuff around the turn now. Yeah good question that it's. It's been -- you know it just to see yes that's been going into the last few days. Nothing -- -- -- It's. You know I was shocked seeded first and car accident and all the dogs after that obviously I was shocked to. Yes it's. It's been harder. You know I mean we are here now you know go to the guy who you know minor illness and has done on the golf course. And you know I am not in case you seem to look in the life I mean being here you know because it's easy compared to -- -- in this event and and now. They're gonna support to playing in the first round. And and him not being here and I you know cumulative -- it. How's -- gonna go I'm still. Again playing instrument and -- do you know him and his organization and hopefully. You're serving out a home run and just this -- Steve this whole situation sort of resurrected the question of where we draw the line between fame and privacy. And -- -- went with your thoughts our own. Sort of the privacy aspect of this purses but the public has a right to know from. Athletes that are went on such as you. Well I didn't know category you know Tiger Woods or any other slavery and I can't imagine what kind of microscope. Tiger and and -- things salaries on -- limited basis and it's tough question I mean. I don't think it's really you know our business to get inside his private life. But it. -- all drives us tomorrow and tomorrow against them this right or wrong it. You know I respect what he's doing you know it's just trying to make his friends can. And it's just guys are considered it -- it -- pieces. Information and really what happened but it down and never known an average -- care I don't really want to know and it is to let it happen and happen this time. Because tiger has such pristine image for lack of a better word how much -- think this is going to tarnish his image. And what about his ability to bounce back from this. By. You know I think his intention -- -- -- I think you know. You know I'd like -- -- him on TV and just you know we're definitely and shows you know show what's happened a little bit I don't know that'll ever happen it. You know people forget you know and it just doesn't -- things from here and a people who. Given and move on forget hopefully and I don't think you guys in particular position as far as bouncing back you know Yahoo! -- Person player and you know how hard numbers that things. So I'm sure he will -- fantasy questions and we'll look back -- It's going to be around for awhile you know and and it's awfully -- play it usually takes his time off so you probably won't see for allowances. Which is an honor for him this time -- -- Thanks second comeback in. And I've beaten you know players. Steve I'm working on groove story and a lot of players say that the biggest change going to be the wedges in your way and that's what's where's the world can you just talk about. What you don't know what you will be doing to adapt to next year's -- to -- how much it will have an impact the next. This memo first we wouldn't you groups and tennis club. Since presidents cups and Barea. Rusty just got some good news wedges in my day. Unfortunately my. Wedges that I played before -- were very aggressive in the groove department and I didn't have. Especially kind of faces. He makes us and -- face so I didn't have a maximum amount of spinning -- whereas before him. But the news crews and finding along with the new faces it went on there that haven't lost much worse yet. I think -- do different genre. So far yeah I really haven't noticed you know too much change and -- -- conforming -- the last four or five years ago. For me personally. I don't think is huge change. But for some guys -- had changed irons. And wedges and that that will affect some players. Steve uses on -- ritual -- lucky -- come back to the and a plan. Just wanted to must be the strange feeling being in the top ranked player in the field that tiger's event. Yeah I -- and I'm. You know. Set. It's just some of the things chaos from what I do over the years and I continue to work hard -- whatever -- -- and continue to see. You know I don't look at it -- So much you know the actual number or anything like -- To handle our business chided me to do try to keep improving and when it. -- you know the last you know 456 years of it's a process -- me in his -- time and -- now and my confidence level was good. Especially when it is -- years -- idea just continue to take -- Serves one last tiger question you said you'd like to see him come out address this on TV. What did you think what was your reaction when you heard that he did make a statement today and put his statement on on his website about the situation. You know I was I was happy to see him. Not happy apparently actually was centenary exceed it. Happy it came and it's addresses -- again you know and I live on advancement that's good -- -- not. Yeah. I wish -- just been handled. You know hedonism and tiger there was a problem and you know who. We really need to know and I guess that's the bottom line everybody let's get into the celebrities. Personalizing and you know it's it's all fascinating and everything but you know deep down what is -- matter and I mean it has come out and it's unfortunate and you know -- just got him hopefully. You know everything works out on the home front for him and he can move as well.

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