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Stewart Cink

7.19: Stewart Cink, RAW

Sun, 19 Jul 2009|

British Open Champion Stewart Cink clutches the Jug as he takes questions from reporters in Turnberry, Scottland after winning his first major championship.


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Love links golf for a long time and now it seems like meeting. In this the first of a felt that. I've always had such a deep appreciation of the police forces in the open venues. And that -- to be standing here and having you know accomplish -- goal winning is just. It blows my mind and I just so proud to be. The last one standing on this great course. Conveniently leave that confident in knowing that it's. Yes because that you eighteenth hole be down breeze and it was such a tricky shot to hold the ball to green and the last two days coming down there. Both days I told my caddie there's no way we -- the ball -- agree we have to being the short bounce -- Watson did -- to check tickled. And I hit it could have both times so Saturday and Sunday. And when assault -- ball land of agreed in the air I'd do that that was probably not gonna hold and as we saw it went over him. Does this stuff these links courses there's never reading any guarantees of par -- system. Is such a difficult -- and everybody had to take the test this week -- and you know we're just proud to be right here.

  1. shorthanded inside but let. You know plan all along was was to give him some work inside especially in the balance and him. Think Cink thanks now you know when dad was the ball dad gets after Angel enjoys coming out to work every day. You know so it he's exactly

  2. when. You know that it's going to be a certain speed. But. To have that kind of command to both sides of the plate with cut Cink is. You know woods without the routine is is exceptional. Bob you talk a little bit about composure because Sunday couple wild

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