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12.2: Steve Stricker on Tiger Woods



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Tue, 8 Oct 2013|

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I go to an NBA game I really get. Just crazy frantic. When I see the introductions I just love the introductions you get hot time. I do get pumped I get up and I just start to cheer like on the cheerleader so -- to the NBA champs have a new image with their introductions this year. All the Miami Heat and there was out there filming American introduction video for the season right now. And the behind the scenes clips have surfaced on it to -- take it wouldn't be as LeBron -- of that's looking really hardcore and clippings and tires. Letting out a few roars -- -- really looks like he's having fun event and those aren't even real those are even really know. And all the changes I it is a real iron chains. -- bosh doing them dribbling and he looks extremely and it -- He didn't even try. Chris Bosh didn't even try he's really really into it at you via an -- than other put them weighed it. Kind of doing the same thing during his little Stratton lock up and he -- them. Completely at a news is -- at least you -- you -- LeBron having a little bit of fun of that although it's clearly -- morning hopefully it looked better went on the Jumbotron and added it. I cannot wait to see and that's lined up wide LeBron is the greatest maybe those were real change in May -- just so powerful now. You never know we just whip it around like good I -- harder or are there. I love a good roar and a good man -- roar I also love golf I know you are fabulous golf -- -- you're wondering I don't program yes you are you do we haven't Tiger Woods on the prowl. Believe it would actually have and you worry about right Arnold favorite overhaul. -- his name is Michael -- He's from Dublin Ireland he may just see the next very topical right take a look at bed this is pretty incredible for a three year old. Did an amazing video of him doing golf shot after golf shot and nailing the hole perfectly at three around. Why else. Little -- today. Why. Why -- -- I did not stop. Him. Blown away because it looks like -- -- something behind you but I don't think. Yeah hammered something like his talent and their fans are -- -- that's -- boxes. It's probably going in the hole with -- and on the last three years old. Extremely impressive that he'd strike the ball like that let alone have the pain you either have a little question lose grip though I think his -- was off all the work with a lot of different -- to work with them on. I guess I don't worry you given a few players that was fabulous I think they'll target practice we getting did you on the course one day I'd love the idea that. We'll do it sometimes Melanie and I will film and show you how much better I am not. Well I would not hit a little ladies tees like you. You know okay all right we'll see that's my friend Melanie that. But I had.

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  1. roar I also love golf I know you are fabulous golf you're wondering I don't program yes you are you do we haven't Tiger Woods on the prowl. Believe it would actually have and you worry about right Arnold favorite overhaul. his name is Michael

  2. really. I you. All of them. What did you see in him from there. We had I mean he's on he's great player me so Tiger Woods roars any chance you. Yeah. We had you very well. He's. He for us. Yet that he's great. He's. He can

  3. our athletes hi how we all have our favorites but now. Well now I'm ready to turn on one of my favorites on the big Tiger Woods guy. But he has been a bit of a jerk and it wasn't yet this is not cool so he comes walking out of spare Oak Hill

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  5. love it. they're gonna feature I'm Brett Favre and Tiger Woods contests in between innings while a lot of other names ..... baseball versions of the yeah. Yeah I remember that Tiger Woods commercial that originally came out when he did trick

  6. got his adrenaline going. There's so much respect for the president he's a leader on their country just. Anybody Tiger Woods say okay. He certainly. We're going him being too but also excited about having to. it's. Just surreal it really

  7. day today. I'm always ready to them much they're gone all right let's do it I power couple so you Lindsey Vonn Tiger Woods together my heart goes water. And his Lindsay had any thoughts on future all future options. I've seen many thought

  8. stronger and you can really laboring out there I don't think there's coaching to let it continue to stay out there on Tiger Woods and better with the slippery. Peca has passed 12100 and you know I just cause he says that at twenty on. Because you

  9. Golf now in the US open besides Tiger Woods clearly in pain most of the weekend he's got a bum elbow. He doesn't know will be fully healed open championship but tiger

  10. Talk about Eric Adelson he is the Yahoo! Sports golf X thirty joins us on the phone right now. And last year Eric big that was held just down the road here at the Olympic club. And it the course one how was the course playing and are more Pennsylvania through two days. The court is definitely

  11. Bulls appear. Golf is better with Tiger Woods Eric Byrnes most of America will be rooting for or against Tiger Woods at the US open I don't know if ..... his style. I always back to what Tiger Woods for me others Adam Scott Keegan

  12. us a couple things to sorrow is. Obviously Louis and then I was sort of apology. They need to offend anyone. I those to us caught off guard by the question. But the minute wrong. I understand that my answer was to at least have to replace. And and accuracy sorry about that. Also like to say sorry

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  14. there prove to him that he could win a major championship folded paper to the world. Then he most definitely could Tiger Woods . Finish is tied for fourth after a seventy. In the final round it's onward to Marion and the US so we're tiger

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  16. Why did you decide to come out with back. Go public with the relationship now. Was very simple you know we we are very happy where we're at but also we want them to limit. The rots in those these web sites out there and fall on us and you know that I've had situations where it's been very dangerous

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    would be like the fourteen seed right now in the west but they're like six points from being that anyway because. Tiger Woods separated by seven points but the bottom line is. Obviously they would not be in the playoff picture right now. He

  18. happen Guerrero Mayweather. The stars are aligning. You know on the mandatory to fight him I have subtlety what does Tiger Woods around my waist so yes the coming get it out. You off I'm ready to go out working for this. To get to this position

  19. how to leveraging him and and then pass coverage. Understand what must safeties are going to be where okay. And with Tiger Woods you know gambles like you take within the things and I think this is known. Gonna help us out momentous move little

  20. seven strong innings plus Brandon Moss had a home run and an RBI. As the went down Texas 31. Other news on Sunday Tiger Woods got his 74 career win at the AT&T national passing of Jack Nicholas to become second all time in PGA tour wins overseas