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7.16: John Elway on Tom Watson



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Fri, 14 Dec 2012|

Brodie Brazil has your Wendy's Morning Minute for Friday, December 14.


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Time now with the win. On CSN Bay Area dot com. Good morning Internet friends -- Brodie Brazil this is my ugly sweater and this is your morning minute for Friday December 14 the 49ers are preparing fast for the AFC east champion Patriots. On Sunday here's what head coach Bill Belichick had to say about Colin -- -- yesterday. There appears on -- form that -- a lot of that is this into the office and flavor and don't know what the defense does. He may keep it remain. And there -- that are as well as what is and a shirt design plays that he -- that it is to get comfortable. So the -- they do a good job in the running game that a lot of different plays a lot of different concepts blocking schemes. It's not just one thing they they make it a bundle up. After America's famous melt down at the Dinah I'm in September the PGA of America has chosen former Stanford golf star Tom wants it to -- the 2014. Ryder Cup team for the matches at Glen Eagles in Scotland. Watson won four of his five British Open championships in Scotland. And last captain of the American squad in 1993 coincidentally that was the last time they won overseas. -- springer morning minute for this Friday have a great one and we'll see you later tonight on Comcast sports. That was to win -- morning minute time CSN Bay Area dot com.

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    back in time and talk to the original designers that Sam and Watson . Because of their design of these every US open that's being ..... players in the history that have ever broken pop before rounds Tom Watson . Arnold Palmer Billy caps Kasper and Scott Simpson minority

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  3. has chosen former Stanford golf star Tom wants it to the 2014. Ryder Cup team for the matches at Glen Eagles in Scotland. Watson won four of his five British Open championships in Scotland. And last captain of the American squad in 1993 coincidentally

  4. produced and aired on NBC Bay Area. Immediately after the NBC sports coverage and what. The big pairing Phil Mickelson Bubba Watson all play together teeing off at 7:33. In the morning and well aside from Michael Thompson made the biggest moment they belonged

  5. number thirteen post Phil and Bubba. Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson who will be. Playing together Thursday. Both talked about ..... is a fan obviously that's a must see you got to see Bubba Watson if Phil Mickelson a tiger was a little bit. What's number

  6. came about what you might have learned from that and you might play. homes I've put the pressure is Bubba Watson I am Bentley. Bubba Watson . You send your he's a masters champion for this year and I. I thought I was gonna be looking up to him

  7. time he'll certainly have a lot of company. On the course especially considering his playing partners masters champion Bubba Watson . Is paired with tiger as his Phil Mickelson the last time tiger and Phil played around together it was Mickelson who fired

  8. championships that's not only that they can upset over on me. He's he's a hell player. You know Scott Simpson playing Watson . Scott Simpson playing on US open venues period was always. Tough to be. Certain guys do do really well certain events and

  9. most fun. Question right in front him on the right. John Henry Smith Comcast sports net Bay Area on your thoughts on bubble Watson do you have much relationship with them and what do you think about him being the guy and the player. Not played little little

  10. time US open champion test of the greens at that historic Olympic club on Monday. Woods plays with Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson for the first two rounds. When play starts Thursday there's no doubt woods will be the biggest drop them patrons but another

  11. Just hours after slipping on the green jacket Bubba Watson 's whirlwind media tour began the surprise visit to golf channel's morning drive. Bullpen the New York for appearance on the

  12. can do a good job of that illustrious. Bubba Watson had himself today in the final round of the masters ..... just the fourth double eagle in masters history Watson prevailed and playoff. Bubba Watson 2012 masters champion. 2012 masters champion

  13. and last night it definitely was the difference maker for us in. And momentum it. We had our chances. On it you know it's not going never did it. They don't want to let that Watson to me this awesome chance you know if you. There.

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    that. They're 25 million golfers in this country only about five million so called avid golfers in. Driving force behind Watson isn't to cheat the game rather to bend the rules. They gain more inviting an enjoyable for the common play. Does it should

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    little little bit on a given Sunday but I'm sure he's gonna learn from them but just watching the masters watch in Adam Scott Watson all those guys. Birdies all everywhere and some just don't try to feed off dead and and just play within myself. I know

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    two days coming down there. Both days I told my caddie there's no way we the ball agree we have to being the short bounce Watson did to check tickled. And I hit it could have both times so Saturday and Sunday. And when assault ball land of agreed in the