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Thu, 27 Jun 2013|

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Dozens of glittering trophies proved that right Stackhouse is well on her way to becoming a professional golfer. The Georgia native -- it quiet but intense drive on the golf course from an early age. That drive was only out done by her parents push for an education first. They never totally -- -- kickoff -- -- -- student and I think that's sound I think that's a big part of it -- is what you can't. They've come find me focusing. Go work. Maintaining my good good GPA while in high school and solid -- that carried over into the and I it's important role as well now. Putting her professional aspirations on hold for college wasn't typical. Stackhouse found the perfect place to -- an education. And improve her game. My friends who. Committed to couches a couple of years before me I was hoping that you just know when it's the right place that. I came to Stanford in the decision was made and I just felt at home. What's helped me a lot here and and it's reflected in my scores as our practice facility in how it varies and I as the focus a lot of short game wedge shots and approach shot. And I think that that's been a big factor in helping me kind of lower my scoring average this year this course is not easy for very challenging course provides opportunities. The challenges strategic play and I'm really just playing a lot about myself I have played Smart enough. The smartest hardest Stackhouse is -- game maybe -- approach to it. In nineteen year old has a unique believed in herself. And others and my head coach and walker. As talented upcoming post Walker's first year leading the cardinal was awesome all right his first year on campus. Its interest in a good adjustment college coaches or lake golf golf is so different. Most of the players. I'm not -- actually all the great players have had to swing coach they've developed a relationship with anywhere between. 310101015. Years. I'm a lot of them they've come -- mental coach is that Callaway training coaches so for -- had to come here. You know I think she assessing his first few months I should -- and you know I would too if I was -- issues. And then you can just kind of hey you. Not bad poetry in my fouls so at this point I think having her -- and you trust me alive. I -- fly -- -- -- -- -- playing LPGA she doesn't -- minute you know when all the tournament. When the majors. And what that one -- -- which is really nice as a coach -- this doesn't get too hung up and stuff she realizes that she's gonna have a thirty year career. She's gonna have seven days to -- and I'm pretty days she's not a kid that's gonna walk away just really sad happen about the practice she realizes there will be another day. Another day came only a few days after a disappointing -- uncharacteristic. Twenty ninth place finish at the NCAA championship. Stackhouse posted the lowest scores the US open qualifier at industry hills. For five under par 139 came on a course she had never played before. It was a much improved outing from the first time -- qualified for the US open in 2011. She didn't make the cut at the major does the experience was invaluable. Every now and then -- -- back to that experience and how that was just me. That was a tough time -- out there and that question takes everything you have to drive the ball where you have to putt well you have to be able to -- my. You have to be able to scramble than I have and I think that's the big thing about the everything have to. I think about other things and on the back. Just from across skill set standpoint. Than I was last. My short game better and I'm more confident. I'm just more confident myself on the golf right now. Brian may be a talented golfer that she is a typical college student she admits she socialize more than she should have her freshman year. But she did figure out how to get your schoolwork done spend time with her friends and focus on golf. But she plans to complete -- degree before she focuses on her professional golf career.

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