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8.13: PGA Championship Opening Round Breakdown



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Tue, 9 Feb 2010|

Bay Area native Ricky Barnes talks with Greg Papa live from Pebble Beach.


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Player obviously aware of the made the -- of the AT&T Pebble Beach national pro am Pebble Beach is one of the three courses in the rotation of the very best course forces. In the world in the nation but Spyglass Hill right there ranked number fifty wanna and the new course in the rotation a major change this year Poppy Hills no longer in it. They've Monterey Peninsula country club short course which is ranked number seven -- In the nation is an -- course rotation -- had been. -- chronicle live Korea. Today from the Pebble Beach though but we got rained out one guy never gets rained out near a golf course is Ricky Barnes is -- from Stockton California -- -- at the University of Arizona now joins us. From the Pebble Beach welcomed their chronicle live first of all Ricky and I'd wanna leave the studio and he -- messes up my hairdo is I was going down there today but how how. Randy was it and how much golf did you guys get a chance to play today. Was on off the whole day in early exit probably could play throughout the whole thing about. There's pockets of about a half an hour to 45 minutes each time -- pretty unbearable win came with that rain came within. Is just unfortunate because the other we don't need that much more rain here drew to sop up this courses. Now hopefully it's gonna be good weather throughout the remainder of the week we all remember on here 1996. When it. The whole weekend just got washed out so what are you hearing as far as the weather pattern for what you guys start playing for real -- on Thursday and Friday. Think tomorrow we're gonna be okay I think Thursday -- from what I'm here to -- just dogs Friday. I guess Friday is a chance of showers and -- -- to dodge Friday. Tennis date that day with no rain in the weekend's close look good too. It does not many better tournament -- across the nation throughout the year that if you can get to. Four good days on double spyglass. Monitor peninsula on the back -- up double on Sunday. Now we are planning on coming down on Friday will be their -- -- watching guys go in the in the second day. I tell me about the change what is the prevailing theory the guys on the tour. I'm going from Poppy Hills to Monterey Peninsula in the short course you guys on board with this like I kind of heard that you never were. We're all that enamored with with Poppy Hills in the drainage is better on this course it's more picturesque. Along the ocean seems like the players are on board with this change. Yeah I just think you know the big thing is the drainage. Honestly moderated redo on the course because five or six years ago. And a plug the driest -- all the -- -- -- bill that drive a little bit better more exposed to wind to dry mountain. And I think that's what you've seen in a lot of players that are gonna start coming back once Mark Russell hopefully gets enough permanent rotation. I mentioned earlier are from Stockton had went to the University of Arizona played in the pac ten of course they're here on the West Coast so applying at Pebble Beach is always a big thrill for you personally Ricky. Absolutely in off grew up about two hours two hours ten minutes from there. I did a lot of the family friends to come over for. It is it Friday Saturday Sunday and you know this is as close as I get to home so. If there's ever probably a home tournament for me it's here and that's why you know this -- always on the schedule. And you are coming back again and a over the summertime to play in the United States open in the month of June so for that reason the players playing at a little extra. Detail to attention on what the golf course brings them this weekend they gonna gonna come back and play one of the majors there in June. I don't think really -- the golf course is gonna bring they've actually are to cut and about eight of the fairways. That's the big change is gonna be some new lines off of the but it's the fifth sixth. Eighth -- ninth. Eleventh. And thirteenth holes. They're already cut and the fairways get ready for the US open. Make sure that the rough is you know obviously four -- five inches throughout the throughout the wrote the whole course and that's the main thing is that the course is going to be so much different in June the speed of the greens. The softness of the fairways will be a totally new golf course but. You know anytime you can get actual practice rounds of preparation for the US open -- decided to take advantage of it. -- you had a great US open last year we were all pulling for you watch you play so well especially those first two rounds that at Bethpage black out on Long Island but. I tell me about your career overall to this point you know we know about your US amateur championship in 2000 until you turn pro. The very next year I think you just had a birthday over the weekend to turn 29 years of age on Saturday so where where are you -- your career and it was the open it. -- big moment for you make -- of pressure for eight Korea a major championship over the summer last year. Yeah I -- Austin dummy pretty comfortable out here in on us it will boost the confidence sided. Bit about 44 and a half years in between Oden and a few exemptions out here on the PGA tour. Played on the nationwide for about three and a half years and then finally able to get my card throughout the year last year I was just -- -- truck come along and then boom. All of a sudden you know elsewhere in the US open finished second. Build my confidence up a little bit knew I had to strive to get that much better. To maintain out here and that's kind of what I was to have all offseason the united take much of an offseason because I was real hungry and anxious to get back out this year and that's kind of why I'm playing my fifth event in a -- here on the West Coast always liked the West Coast West Coast boy. I don't know replace five erode tech tech next week off of them probably go couple more thorough. And you shouldn't be kept playing better and better as the year develops look at -- -- finishers are tied for 62 in the Sony Open and tied for 33 at the hope than. Tied for 22 at the farmers insurance open and then at a most recently in ninth place finish of the Northern Trust open soldier game getting. Better and better week to week Ricky. Yeah I feel good you know I've always kind of been like that a lot of times I've kind of started -- little slower. In this reaches back to the beginning of summer when -- playing junior golf in the NC GA and that a move on college and was always kind of more the slower starter and that's like I said I was -- pretty hungry to get back out and -- practice a lot during the offseason. And I wanna -- don't play five in a row and it wanna come on play to -- take a week off and then play two and take two weeks off but I don't wanna get out and they did after an early saw him in -- -- going to be awesome -- familiar grounds this week and I look forward to. Playing well in front of a lot of family and friends and some look cola. Local -- friends around here brother told beach areas well and sub solo. Birdies as well Clint -- going to be there obviously it's a bigger event for him and I think Bill Murray and Andy Garcia. George Lopez some of the biggest names this is a similar style to what goes on with the hope classic but it's -- it's a little different than what you guys are used to is it fun for you guys the guys that are actually pros to play with the celebrities throughout the week in this throughout the weekend. Anytime we get in offense like that works a little bit differently gets fun now a little more relaxed. Very rarely do you have a guy in your group really pulling for you every shot this is an event that no matter if it's an amateur celebrity that your partner you know it. You have someone root for -- big time just decide your caddie so it's a fun event in all. The the fans to come out watch good golf they can hang out build a watch maybe a few of the favorite celebrities. I'm so very cool big time CEOs and -- of major companies and just -- at the regular guys and it's it's a great fan friendly event and I hope everyone comes out obviously you hope the weather's good. And it's always a pretty enjoyable week for myself as well. Now lot of fun certainly to be top down and with the rich in the famous but also are you guys are trying to win a golf tournament and I notice for six of the top twenty. In the world rankings are going to be here over the weekend Phil Mickelson Jim Furyk. Paddy Harrington Sergio Garcia Sean O'Hair and Retief Goosen insult some of the top players obviously tiger is not played in the event in many many years but. A lot of the very best names in golf Vijay Singh and also John Daly has come out of his retirement to come back and play this weekend as well. That's good to see everyone out -- like -- said. There's guys that look to net to play the new golf course -- peninsula those guys look at and get practice rounds for the US open here Pebble Beach. And also a lot of guys have long term relationships and playing with -- partners source celebrity's so. It's good fun filled event and it's good to have everyone back here and hopefully more more you know times throughout the year we'll get. You know those top ten top twenty guys in every field. Yeah and it -- great story of Ricky Barnes from Stockton comes back to northern California Wednesday or 2010 -- AT&T Pebble Beach pro am Ricky thank you so much for your time have a great week -- look Korea finally come down there ourselves. But says that is Ricky Barnes said joining us from a Pebble Beach.

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