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8.17: Golf Channel Report- Tiger can't hold on



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Mon, 17 Aug 2009|

The Golf Channel crew looks at the final round of the 2009 PGA Championship at Hazeltine Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota when Tiger Woods failed to hold on to the lead he had headed into Sunday's round.


Machine Generated Transcript

Thank you very much Tiger Woods was a mortal lock with a 54 hole lead in a major championship but. Eventually it was going to happen and it happened thanks to YE Yang Willie did -- was human along the way Tiger Woods but. YE Yang did exactly what nobody expected him to do and that was come out play aggressive golf never backed down hit shot after shot and pulled them. Pulled magic out of his head at fourteenth did what tiger always does to everybody else. And then finish it off in grand style what may be maybe the best shot I've ever seen in the final PGA championship. If regardless of who supposedly unheralded. I had wanted to season hunger -- via video shot took him six shots into the into the breeze up the three cutting. Considering Hawkins the world's biggest blast someone who's completely on sliced -- it was one of the greater shot solve sing as well but. It was a good way got a lot of people will think it's weird and its innocent but it's also showed us I think the chance to look back. And realize how good Tiger Woods must applied in the previous fourteen major championships when he did hold the lead all the way through on Sunday and that. I know Yang beat tiger in the 2007 HSBC. He's an accomplished player but what's he sort of blissfully ignorant about what to expect being in that final pairing in a major with tiger. He played as though he was the most comfortable guy in the house no I think we will blissfully ignorant on the fact that that might be that. This wasn't gonna happen I series and what do blissful for -- fact -- -- have to fix it but the -- differently but let's let Patrick. Well we thought we had PGA championship history and we did the first Asian born champion. To win a major. Frank Nobilo Brandel Chamblee I'm Vince Cellini back to -- Comcast sports net studios. Tiger in the best golfers in the world are coming in the Bay Area this October when the President's Cup takes place at Harding park. Team captain Fred Couples still has two slots left Sonnanstine won't make those picks later in the week. He'd be here on Comcast sports net Bay Area pretty extensive coverage on his back.