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5.20: VAN/SJS -- game highlights



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  9. conference final3:01
  10. slap shot2:26
Sat, 21 May 2011|

Dave Benz brings to you all the game-changing and eye-popping plays from the Sharks' 4-3 Game 3 win over the Canucks.


Machine Generated Transcript

They were the beneficiaries of some whistles -- nose for the first Maxim Lapierre called for -- being right there -- Ian White. Sets up an early sharks' power play in the late in the power play time winding down. Thornton told Marleau. Sharks on top one nothing patty Marleau a four game goal scoring streak. In this series later in the first former -- Christian air off ice stick on Torrey -- draws what it's a four minute double minor. And I on the ensuing power play a lion club a backhanded rebound score his fifth in the post season. Games to nothing cherokees still tune up that late in the first and team deal not done yet. They take away the Cubs door and gets it up from Marleau again and -- on the breakaway. -- -- -- gold glove side it's the range and updated sharks' seventh goal of the postseason for Marleau. Second period was anti Niemi is they're designed thanks in large part to San Jose penalties played the second Joseph Thornton grabbed Alexander butlers stick. You can't do that that's holding sets up applied by the rainbow look at the save by Niemi coming up on Alexander thorough. Are you kidding me. Lays out He stood on its head in this period to trying to keep this thing at Green I think late San Jose killed off of five on three but -- immediately coming out of the penalty box. Andrew Desjardins -- trying -- are you kidding me. Back into the penalty about Baghdad five on three. But Niemi back strong another save on Burroughs -- thirteen saves in the second period allowed so still very -- going to the third but in the third. Burrows does get one past Niemi the rebound score Vancouver on the board reader -- here come the could not spot. Later in the period it would get worse for the Sharks Logan could -- why Paul collided. Could sure we'll leave the guys go to the dressing room and did not return to the game although He did return to the bench. -- still 31 midway through the third shot -- five on three opportunity Dan -- goes five all. San Jose backed up -- 341. Still have three under nine minutes to go when -- league game. Can't -- Aaron Rome from behind his role for boarding and a game misconduct penalty is -- had to be helped off the ice Vancouver was on a five minute power play. And they catch it Daniels indeed take Dan and use its fortitude. Two minutes and thirty seconds later still on the same power play Kevin B except this slap shot goes all in white's days. -- We got ourselves a one goal game it's 43 so Vancouver pulled goalie -- there with the empty net why can't call a chance. When He gets hooked by the except He can't score but it's a power play opportunity for the Sharks which in essence negates the empty net there are able to. Place this thing away the Sharks went for a good story of stop me if you've heard this before Sharks hockey for -- Yeah -- was anything but conventional what it was a victory just the same the first ever conference final win. On home ice in franchise history yet the -- are still trailing in the series but Vancouver could put away the rooms. This one is once again this series.

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