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4.20: Highlights- Sharks Tie Series on Pavelski's OT Goal



  1. Adam Foote1:59
  2. So Taguchi0:44
  3. Dan Boyle0:08, 0:13
  4. Douglas Murray1:50
  5. Sharks0:04, 0:34, 1:55
  6. Judy Garland1:39
  7. Addison0:06
  8. overtime victory2:30
  9. franchise record2:24
  10. power play1:07
Wed, 21 Apr 2010|

Sharks 2 Colorado 1 F/OT Series tied 2-2


Machine Generated Transcript

It's showing you what went down a mile high game four between the Sharks and the Addison know we flash back. They -- -- Dan Boyle. In game three. And one of the most awful feelings that Dan Boyle has probably. Ever experienced the only goal. Is the winner for Colorado in overtime and he spoke about -- it's their turn the page already but I haven't any he's acquired. Until we drop the puck it's going to be -- me. Well they drop the puck as soon thereafter I guess to nine -- The Sharks -- about that. Nice play and hopefully finally did get home play golden -- -- -- spoiled -- tees it up right away -- traffic in front get there by Anderson watches right here. Lot of traffic Anderson has no idea So Taguchi providing nice screen in front lives his life goes right by there he knew what was gonna do something great. In his game to help this team -- now holds true with a great chance president stopped it on the clock actually go there but Scotty nickel and I used in the hand here that's not. Yeah this one's not gonna -- I think they've got every camp with a building on that play but. You know what nothing after war on second period perhaps not a power play in the Wimbledon finish. Yeah -- play ball again miles of tees up front for the points that we want to write very nice little reflection -- -- -- doesn't have a chance can't seem either. Again gold gold -- created by traffic control. Starts have been on they've proven that second period third period now still wanna walk -- Marleau. And Marleau finally. We got on track a little bit as it got a couple couple chances of failure to develop this league pitcher Barry gets a shot all the innocent -- to the task and Anderson 43 saves. Other Judy Garland and above -- You saved 33 up. Shot attempts that you can play you did this team everything your chances they needed tonight so we go to the extra session. And it's Douglas Murray on the rush gets -- to -- -- game feeds. Anderson and the Sharks going home afterwards while we look for -- -- -- -- was Adam Foote provides a traffic right here about -- he uses for this group. Anderson has no idea what just like your folks know what you would have fox probably about the tissue into an area record top shelf. The Sharks improve to 26 all time in playoff overtimes against the -- obviously both both victories coming in this series. They have now compiled a staggering 148. Shots on goal over the last three games that is a franchise record for a -- -- of the playoffs. Fortunately for San Jose one finally went ahead when it counted -- overtime victory means the series is all tied at city.