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Highlights -- Sharks 6, Kings 5 (SO)



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Fri, 6 Apr 2012|

You don't want to miss these highlights, chock full of fights and goals in what could have been the most exciting Sharks game of the season.


Machine Generated Transcript

I TDMA in that very twentieth straight game and of course he would be opposed by Jonathan Quick one of the best. In the NHL first period here we go forward dropping the gloves would dowdy but Joseph got the extra -- after this -- it done so well enough or -- Yeah I've talked Blatche you set up by about three -- really -- before -- but you know what -- what you're gonna take you know what to wanna kill off it's unfortunate they did what. Alitalia I'd like to report stuff and I'll try to get himself in the game. And here's the ensuing four on three and as you mentioned they did not kill it off Alec Martinez with the rebound and the games. With a one nothing lead and at this point -- they were dominated. Yet if there early on. At what point -- -- should be eighteen was great right now and they were winning face roughly fourteen victory in the it was there it looked very much like you were. What about bill. There's the Torrey Mitchell -- one more time. Is that just told there is not expecting it that's just call it that it's OK so -- looked like we talked about. And and no call there but right woman -- who's called or not sticking up for me here we go -- and that Green. This one lasts a while before they. Broke it up. And they get back to hockey and the Sharks respond after the two fights Jason -- us. Positive ones that you watch on physical parts are there you see that he doesn't finish a check out we talk about happened because it allowed divert to go straight up front and -- Without anybody have a mistake on a a body on them. What would start watches -- scored a goal and that's a big goal to tie and that is a violation of hockey and you're right Kyle Clifford. Just. Plowing Logan -- into the boards. That's very very much in sports like he would get five minutes although not a game is just terrible you -- -- -- -- while it was. -- pitchers have to face that that's why it's been happening to a lot this year meanwhile Brent -- with a good shot there but the Sharks do not score. On the five minute major and Daniel when he gets an awful roughing. And it seems to take advantage Jarret Stoll the rebound so early on it was a tale of two power plays what effect it would ineffective. Yet in the friends who missed it it was -- -- this is completely causing the chaos in front that gets. Who works you look all that and fortunately for the Sharks he would get better all of this was not better there's the ground abilities are written at a rate them moment goes up. Captain for the -- as his 22 it's 31 and then more rough stuff blow when you know somebody was gonna go after what -- or does just that. They dropped the gloves and that the Sharks power play finally gets going. Yeah finally gets going it was a great little hollow point play by their world sucks all the way across the Blue Line through the back far side there's sort of gets a little -- I'd be square. That was a big coordinated read too. Going to the third period and early in the third Chloe with a breakaway and -- have a game -- coach. Week. It's it's one that normally the club. But it was I think -- LA now a lot of power play and wouldn't you know at the kings off the post dated Justin Williams to a big game and it's -- realize that just the ones and -- -- snake bit -- tonight he gets to that was a big one of them and just -- lectured about our work and how about the resiliency Sharks coming right back on another power play Patrick -- this time from Portland it's 44. Game. It's fairly excited. What night. 101 -- which close enough. The Sharks have not done a lot it's a response novelist they've done a lot lately they -- much better last couple weeks responding. After goals and others Marty happily -- -- another power play -- that the Sharks are up 54 in any of the five on three of us never. Not gonna work to guys too many guys standard got to be on the other side that on the strong side they call it. All the Williams she's not an estimated from there he. These Bears are short but the shortly tees that are going to overtime so I think that was the case you know we go to overtime and here is that the Belsky. With with like 12 on the clock he had a great look at it. Joseph wants that -- back you know what Joe's gonna get that went back his theory is in the shoot out and it's done all he delivers. -- -- -- -- they just a long enough that it quick to settle back into his preschool would talk about the chances evened the score right here but Niemi who just battled all night. Public the other one battled on. Earlier optioned out and just grind it out on the way to stop -- they stopped but now it Niemi is basically his job security or whatever. That's his response mission accomplished the Sharks. When it. Issued 65 they're now tied with LA in the Western Conference more on what's to call momentarily but first let's hear from. Todd McLellan -- On and could you have anticipated games like the way this played out and our -- there's going to be a lot of emotions are going to be hard game. You know I didn't anticipate us scored five. Columnists giving up like as well so there's a lot more girlfriends -- it and thought it would be most of it came from special teams situations so. It was a it was a heck of a game this -- fans were. Playoff -- was. You want your team to obviously getting in the post season and -- two points tonight. The job done well on all off again for a fourth night Rome -- say the same -- are gonna get to line we don't get too low. We'll rest more on them in -- another big game player. I'm glad that the game really means something because it'll it'll set us up for a layup for the player for. -- you know. -- -- Nobody said anything there wasn't. There wasn't anything said I think when they announced that Elliott made the playoffs because. Of dallas' loss everybody was aware about there was a mention between periods wasn't any mention on the bench. Or loss. Which took place. Just the way your team came back from a two goal deficit which is not easy to. So very good defensive team so it's it's gratifying to come back did not like put yourself in that situation. -- for us I thought. The turning point was the counter punch it -- for school. They had us under -- they really had a similar and for awhile momentum was on there that are. Their side and to get the first one back from off slow but get into the the intermission was important. You see your captain get in there drop the gloves it's that can't even coach up and in terms of what this game means the players it's does that show you something or we're all pumped up. Or just the coaches -- we're players everybody involved in the organization found a home. And that is that's and tumbles. Activities he's done it before and so physical guy takes care of himself and his teammates. Drew Doughty as well -- give him credit this one is -- you so crazy. -- Points rollers there are some points obviously we have to play another game against him and its very meaningful one. For both of us -- myself will be looking at -- but -- at the last but. We gave up far too many Eagles there. And they're normally very very strong in the penalty kill situations we're fortunate. To be from their defense. -- It was time. And please include your. Thoughts -- relief. We had a really we've had a tough month but the guys really bear down we've won games we needed to win and that's a sign of the strong team that the two -- -- the game here tonight. So low keep moving forward. It's nice to Dorian. One to go on them disciplined coach camaraderie England's at a fair assessment of the last three. I think it really helps us it really does we. You know every time we get on the airplane -- known and flight -- were were a little -- were a little closer. Actually helps. No update it you know obviously didn't finish the -- not feeling good.

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