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Alexandre Burrows

5.21: Sharks practice -- Ryane Clowe


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Sat, 21 May 2011|

Clowe on limiting Alexandre Burrows in the series.


Machine Generated Transcript

Last night knows the game goes along specialties and -- on. Them. You know -- -- -- Your. -- but. It. While I think you got to try to I don't I'm sure no one else Portland. You know early in -- -- against them. In all but He we -- which accounts last little is little more aggressive. Made them play and handle more so now we gotta do that. But you know. I think both the most defensemen that I figured owners are pretty experienced guys that are knocked him apparently -- -- -- -- I think He had such a good series sponsors that because that's tough to keep that up first remember He points up and score and how many goals and lead you know you need to different guys step up and policies cities are on the board more of the series and doesn't cast was not playing well -- -- sometimes you know the points on out there and I think we've done a good job policy. Living room as far as speed and through and it was only likes the lineup he's got good size and look like patty good speed. That we got to give a lot of credit to defensemen or were close the gap from playing Aram. He's a good player in the and I don't assume that this series goes on here volume better.