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Rask, Bruins present stern test for Sharks in Boston



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Wed, 23 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

We're back on post game live up -- for the -- it's the Boston Bruins you take a look at some of their top players would teach creation. John boy shot in terms of statistics so far the Clippers owner out of here what interests me most is that. The Bruins are likely start on Wednesday night Chad Johnson against the Sabres in Buffalo so that they can bring to Rask at home on Thursday night in the back to back. Against San Jose mr. -- in the commercial break why wouldn't you do that why wouldn't you players -- it's. It's the only move -- mean to progress is their best guy. They're playing Wednesday night. Against maybe the worst team in the east so why wouldn't you use your backup goaltender there's also -- thought for the Sharks Al state walk rate the Sharks have a back to back. This upcoming week and -- -- a problem -- one of those teams why not have Alex stay locked play. On Wednesday for the Worcester Sharks in the American Hockey League -- he's fresh going into whatever team you start Saturday or Sunday -- this -- -- this year to like Canada. Might be over thinking a bit but you know I I put on my GM hat -- okay well then let's do just because if you are a -- this. Analysis. Thought process the Sharks had seventeen points now -- through. Nine teams and I realize slash and -- a hot start and things cooled off very fast rate dramatically. But can't just say right now they're stacked in their chips are stacking their points are stashing them away. I'm certainly not in hoping that they're able to take their foot off the -- spinal. Play it it's the best thing right now to keep doing that keep putting money in the bank won't quit quit for -- Better than anything else but the more impressive thing is that they are doing it the way they are doing it. Last year it was clear they were six guys and that's what they have. Now they've got three full lines of quality players and their defense is set up by the -- to be albeit without oil they're doing fine. I mean that this is a much better team won like you're much better.

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