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Andrew Alberts

  1. his command and equipment. And we couldn't stop. You know mobbed him and he threw some good about it you'd credit Bruce Alberts and you do your for the last two nights. Other than usual but and what a great job ago. On to a good Tobago sincere real

  2. in spring training was hitting a lot of home runs so I think he's going to be perfect for this Budweiser program. Oh yeah Alberts on regular contributor about. Well 4500 dollars I guess And we. Did you tell more we had did this morning with your 460

  3. brought harper columnist sweater and match. Tuesday that. We finished ray rattle. Lookalike contest arbor correct them Marv Alberts that. Nomar version of this era aren't they. Power is certain what's your name Oscar. Is that now is that a paint mustache