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4.12: Reunited and it feels so good -- Sharks' Antti Niemi and Ben Eager



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Thu, 19 May 2011|

Coach McLellan believe Eager one of their better players from Game 2 but felt the team was undisciplined in the third period;


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I think that we. A group of players that can speak your intensity level law. I believe that there -- more competitive and usually you know and that the team is some of its parts and and we need more parts. To me to participate at a higher level for -- -- success. Plus minus but I think you have to watch the game and I don't know if you you've followed us throughout the year in and you've seen the effects that. So these players and how -- game. And you know you haven't seen that in the first two games and it's evident. From from some of them. And for us to two in one game and that's what we will do tomorrow is win one game not a series. They have to step their game up a little. Not surprising. -- sometimes it goes your way sometimes it doesn't the other team. He's a battling history known and in areas that we need to be stronger. Give them credit don't take anything away from that team is doing what they're tough to do -- to be effective. And there's did you at an optimal level. We're doing it but our level is an optimal enough. -- composure obviously anybody that watched the game last -- we lost our composure. Made far too many trips to the penalty box. That's often a result of frustration. And it catches up with you. -- interest -- to see the game was still 32 halfway through the third period basically twelve minutes left. And I thought prior to that we've already lost composure wasn't wasn't like we lost it was 52 -- six to. We lost in the 32 and that's not the sign of a team can win a series so. Not just get better there's others on the ice my talk we'll play along the boards in the 5050 pucks. You know so there's there's serious there as well and that's that's a really good point because unless you make it clear and you bring. Those individuals to the forefront sometimes it's easy for them to looking to the guy next to say well. Must be talking about doctor Axel it's our job was coaching stuff to address individuals. And let them know that -- -- we are talking about you and and that's down. You know so let's see it should be very clear that. From my stuff to two group of players that we need more from them. Sometimes is done as a group whether it be. In the locker room in front of the teammates pure pressure. And everybody responds differently so. Certain individuals. Has been dealt with the certainly others. Three wide open. Future. Okay. I I think. Somebody mentioned to me that He talked to both do the hit and and well. You know what's interesting about this is that. You know he's -- rerun discipline in the third period from the first to admit that in our team has to be a lot better. But. Annoyed I refer doctor we're always watching other games I think it was a month ago today that that Chicago beat -- 72. And there was a lot going on the ice about timing and Alain decided just leave a devout -- That's what we're choosing to do. Your round. I thought Ben Eager was one of our better players as far as fore check. Creating scoring opportunities He had a number of shots on -- play with an energy and passion that was. Required of him. And as I said last night He took penalties that we cannot take so. Is -- an asset or liability. He was both last night. We can limit the liability part we've got one heck of a player. I would I would agree with -- assessment that's very accurate. You know we felt going in especially after the first two series and the and the way we played down the stretch that the Pawelski. Mitchell won't blind. Had really contributed to our success. Helped us get to this point and and were factors. They haven't played -- -- the first two games. You know but without being said -- the couture line hasn't either so we've got two lines of we've got to find a way to get going. -- -- Several for the most part the -- been competitive they've been involved in the game. And their plan against the other team's checkers or. We've got a group for six forwards there that have to find a way actually I think -- game's been pretty good too but we have a group six forwards -- -- -- to -- Find a way to leave its mark on the game. There. -- -- When you when you have three guards and Vancouver's proving that they don't know three guards you can trust you can put out there and they cannot only play well offensively but defensively as well it's a powerful thing and our Heatley. Couture in hander -- line has been. A tremendous line for us is it in for as much as the other players have played well you -- they really contribute to getting us to that point. On the haven't been effective enough they haven't skated well enough they haven't won enough bottles. For us to win games in the series. That doesn't mean they won't do it. We're column on them doing it and tomorrow will be their opportunity to shine. Now I what's worrisome is what we've we've played in this series to two games. We can't tie or attach this series 22 last year's Chicago played a different game. I thought in particular -- if we wanted to do that I thought our first two games against Chicago -- too much better than the first two games against Vancouver this year. We came out on the losing end of it. But I don't think it's fair at all to. To our team and into the players in the locker room this year to touch to last year I don't think it's fair to Vancouver they're different team and and Weaver and they've learned to its full marks for him. Can be better. Yeah. Quote -- if you look at at what Devin does well Devin puts himself into position to shoot the puck. And that's the first thing that He does you know that was zero shots on goal last night. And a minus three. The second thing that He does well is He skates he's quick. He hunts pucks He stays and bottles. And when he's doing now he's very effective and and He didn't do much about last night as well also can be better.

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