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Wed, 9 Sep 2009|

San Jose Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle talks with Greg Papa about the upcoming season.


Machine Generated Transcript

Well as their -- -- go again for the San Jose Sharks after a great regular season their first ever president's trophy and a number one seed throughout they did go out of the first round of the playoffs as you'll note Anaheim and David. Shopping at the bit to get back and the guys the rookies have already reported for training camp of the veterans are gonna. This weekend so we are getting this year hockey fix Sharks fans. Are products of conversation subject about a guy's got to know last year in the for the first time and I think -- like Dan Boyle as well as the first time at San Jose Sharks defenseman Dan thank you so much for your time personal look at the product alive thank you thanks for them and you're ready to -- the rookies have already reported to camp and actually played some games and -- scrimmage as you -- -- up this weekend. Yeah we officially start this weekend a lot of us have been here -- -- I got here on the fifteenth so we've been skate now. Called captain's practice but they've been pretty good pace and most the guys are in town house -- ago. I was talking to Todd McLellan who's on the show a couple of weeks ago is different sixty guys to camp the entire system. He's had a break it up into three teams have twenty so basically you guys to find out what team you're ready has just for the scrimmage electorate can. I think so I think there's some off -- stuff for the guys are on and then you cannot. There's a big schedule -- they're already pressed to go in the slot on myself office often it's most about for the younger guys to learn systems and Russell -- guys just. Every acquainted with the system and -- -- check in Saturday have a dinner right now in the back on the ice on Sunday hit good right away. Four days later you're actually played a game -- out of LA against the king so NHL training cancer a bit different than the other sports for you guys don't have. Think conditioning we just felt like after a few -- Travis -- you right out of it's an exhibition game for five days and again things are gonna come out quick hurry but who got them from vertigo told them that like you said and I can't wait for a regular season start. Are we we can't wait as well -- the native of some of the more probing questions first of all the captaincy. As you know patty Marley of patty Marleau had a taken away for the first time since January able for right now it is open your name has been. Mentioned heavily in the newspapers is a possible like candidate to be. The captain -- their job you would like to have. Of course I think it's an honor. You know -- factor when as a young kid you know captain is an important thing you look up to and India and be an honor. Certainly one lead this team. You know ready for -- but again -- in the coach's hands and management's hands and whoever gets that the job sure we will do a great job and and the assistants are also big were also closer out where your captain -- Tampa. I was not a compliment Tampa I was captain from about college and Miami Ohio but. No not Tampa that's why do you think it happens next year. Man how much time we got. It -- much television you know I just I just think we need how again we had such a great regular season it's tough to attempt to complain but I just think we are missing. I gotta -- we're library -- wash my words but. Just that attitude I think just the it's just the Bulldog attitude in the playoffs you're gonna do whatever it takes to win I think you're lacking that a little bit. We got stunning loss -- first two home games played hard but just not hard enough just that. Go through wall attitude I think we need to see a little bit more of that from four more guys and and we should be okay. Well rosters not changed a whole lot they've made a few changes and again the trade they trade their often Lukowich last week and other affectionate if never brought a lot of these types of guys in -- having. Again not yet -- the some blues some younger guys some new blood coming and plan for some some positions. You know it's always a good thing you you want the young guys coming in pushing -- all the guys you know make sure -- not too comfortable. Again that might be some some some changes to be made. Dogs. Being patient you obviously want to pull a trigger on something just 'cause you know just to make a deal you wanna make sure if it's going to be deals can be the right deal on down. I guess will always see but I think -- being a lot of competition for some open spots this year. Well how about Danny heatley we know what a great goals story is perennial all star what he brings that kind of nasty edge you're talking about you guys needed -- drove. I mean I know Danny personally I've played with him you know obviously in the world championships and stuff and he's you know we got has been putting up fifty goals every year you can certainly put the puck -- -- -- He's been the Stanley Cup finals a few years ago thought was so. Obviously this been a tough situation for him. I've been reading the newspaper all summer also so we obviously take him on our team music you know he's a great guy but they did you you wanna make sure you get the right guy. And I don't know who that is but I'm sure we'll get. Brad Lukowich of course came if you last year on July the fourth the 2008 summer in the trade from Tampa now he's traded Christian or off which traded so. The guys on the back line a little bit thin his first offense -- got yourself and Blake obviously and Hoskins and Murray and Edward market -- last second what do you think you're gonna team with the -- -- a feel for that yet. I was a betting man I would probably say yeah Hoskins he came in the trade last year -- from Anaheim we didn't get C employee was jerseys get players hurt honest to god that I don't know that much about -- from the same hometown from -- also he. I think he I think he's gonna surprise a lot of people again I don't know too much about him I think you just -- a practice you can tell he's pretty calm out there has been around for awhile now and -- certainly be left to be paired with him. I gotta say I'm a big fan here game I just love defenseman that can carry a puck by the -- my idol growing up and you know throughout -- -- Brad Park who were this a number number 22 you wear and more recent vintage Phil Housley. Carries the puck -- host some of the guys you grew up maybe looking at him. Styling your game after the way you're able to carry the far from the back line. -- defense I think -- each. He is. I mean his watch tape this guy he can and I he'd play defense and offense run a power play you name and he could do it he's he's a hall of Famer and he is the guy really. Kind of -- my style. Left and you know I'm forwards I don't wear number twenty it was a -- -- it that's more of a he's a smaller guy and he had that Bulldog attitude -- -- -- just -- on the corner -- fight. He do whatever it takes to win. And now you know I was a flyers fan growing up but we're talking was my idol -- up just because it was a smaller guy and he could you take no for an answer. For 2004 season in Tampa the Stanley Cup. How often do you bring that up with the guys in your room now to try to show them what it takes to get there you know what it's at its that the answer. It's a very tricky situation obviously you don't wanna live in the past although I do wanna live in the future in the now in the present and and hopefully you know 89 months from now so. Obviously try to let the guys know last year that at home ice was important was -- important for Arsenal four we had two game sevens and you don't wanna be anywhere else but home. The same time I think. You know need to turn the page and it's a new team new faces and you know he's got to create a little bit of hunger for the guys but I think most guys know that what it would be like to win the Stanley Cup finals the fuel less -- -- one and on this team know that. It's an amazing experience and you just can't wait to get back up top and just just have the guys be hungry as much as possible and what was the story -- you winning the Stanley Cup failure your home actually. Right out of the had a couple bad yeah predictable bad things that you broke my hand in the first round and a -- three rounds with. With frozen. Hand so that was tough for them first night of the Stanley Cup finals against the Calgary Flames. Ironically enough my. But how has caught on fire at a house in Tampa I was bad wiring I don't really know the firewall watching the game and they got the call and got to my house -- there as well jerseys here in there and some memorabilia and they just thought it was a big lightning fan but. Yeah my house got fire -- pretty messy situation but. It's. Again another another chapter in my book and I got through it and -- got me stronger and stay in the hotel for the remaining in the Stanley Cup finals but. It just made it that much better once once I got through his -- let less of -- four Alexio. Played hockey are always sort of a guy skating over you with a with a -- that you actually get us escape all down on by your locker hits it out of the third they say comes in threes right so yes so couple years ago just getting undressed after -- first pregame season. We have an upper -- right about here and there's just getting -- talked all the guys. Kind of going about my business as I've done millions of times before him you know having put stuff underneath my again. One of the skates got knocked loose ends all the slices marisleysis my through tendons and I missed about three quarters of the season that was a disastrous that was my last season ten and to impose a disastrous season that. Again it didn't bother me one bit last year it's a 100%. Get a make up a sub story -- him and I are Karzai that I obviously like now I gotta come up with some pretty and I hope your -- -- -- a lot of people pulling you for the the cancer this team you represent the club well and should -- -- often as you're gonna contribute it thank you very much that is Dan Boyle they -- --

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