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4.13: Brad Staubitz, RAW


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Wed, 14 Apr 2010|

Defenseman Brad Staubitz talks with reporters regarding the NHL playoffs.


Machine Generated Transcript

They deserve such a thing or do you welcome little bit healthy pressure and his team in the playoffs. Healthy pressure and pressure that ascension. -- feels a fire -- absolutely I think pressure's -- we can start. You know -- -- managed some guys kind of -- wanted to but you're embrace it could work our. What are some of the things you've seen in the last two practices last couple days that that you know that this is really business as usual this team and you know that nobody standing up and it things are proceeding as they did for 82 games. Yeah I think you're really I can see it coming together here we're really. Everything's been professional from the way were you know pre scouting team -- Colorado to the way were crisper practice. Veterans were in our reverence focus and come together. For me about playoff it's. Playoffs -- beards I am sure if you oval is eleven evil little but I'm -- -- well but I think I'm due to start but appeared. You know Michael -- but. Can -- could sure grow playoff -- all right I don't think he can grow much. From his head down and you aren't solved hopefully -- And the last thing is these -- the importance of in the playoffs here's just generally short term memory we don't released. Moving on constant impact yet I mean you can't play hard that began hearing yeah -- -- -- learn -- -- -- -- next game I think yeah. Just keep moving forward but he -- with every game.

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