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1.19: Chronicle Live -- Brad Winchester

Fri, 20 Sep 2013|

Brad Winchester scored the Blackhawks' third goal of the night in Friday's preseason game against the Washington Capitals.

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    Winchester embraces his role on the 4th line and details the secret to their success.

  2. 2.2: DAL/SJS pregame -- Brad Winchester

    Winchester discusses the fathers' trip and what it means to have his dad on hand.

  3. Burish: 'I stayed ready'

    performance statements there aren't known guys. Gathered. Well she joked in last week's escape with him last week and Brad Winchester player. That's Doug Murray. Officer Craig Smith from Nashville was there Tom Gilbert from Minnesota was there

  4. Highlights -- Blues 2, Sharks 1

    coach McLellan promised there will be some changes. In the wake of the game three loss and their work in my hands Brad Winchester seeing action for the first time in a long time Dominic Moore TJ house. game four Sharks. You wouldn't want to

  1. Winchester scores for Blackhawks


    Fri, 20 Sep 2013

    Brad Winchester scored the Blackhawks' third goal of the night in Friday's preseason game against the Washington Capitals.

  2. Blackhawks ink forward Brad Winchester


    Wed, 24 Jul 2013

    The Chicago Blackhawks have announced the signing of forward Brad Winchester .

  3. effect on the game toward. Believe they did thought. That you was excellent solid effort through the middle. And Brad Winchester size was effective in the long or so. I was happy with those changes. you know we're we're dollar goal short

  4. switching places could Now a winner on the top line with Patrick Marleau centering the second line also Michael is and Brad Winchester back is San Jose's lineup respectively. In third and fourth line positions. Sharks ice Brodie Brazil Comcast sports

  5. with that said you wrote a very nice piece this morning on the website here about. The possibility of introducing Brad Winchester into this series it just explain why you think that's a good idea I certainly Greeley yeah I think it's something

  6. 2.12: SJS/STL -- game highlights


    Sun, 12 Feb 2012

    wasn't propelling it to our guys a couple of shots I felt like that's I think they felt like this. So here we go Brad Winchester draws the elbowing penalties so you get simultaneous. Two minors. And here you go another five on the Sharks kill

  7. 1.21: SJS/VAN -- game highlights


    Sat, 21 Jan 2012

    winds down things getting should be a team. And can't use Ollie to the Sharks bench. In a little bit later years Brad Winchester behind the cage. In a body on Alex burrows. Even this you don't see every day drop the gloves with the and certainly

  8. out there. Sharks hosting the Ottawa Senators last night just three team into the first. Andrew this yard pass to Brad Winchester one timer into the back of the net when the shots midway first period. Senator strike back anti Niemi down in the

  9. 1.19: OTT/SJS -- game highlights


    Fri, 20 Jan 2012

    of a season. In Ottawa Andrew Desjardins back after taking that Last Saturday just over three minutes in start to Brad Winchester and it's one. We could do something come right there Scott it was a nice play by the and off the boards here right

  10. systematically. was in the way we rotate players and it's worked out of course. Which can you describe that journey of Brad Winchester guys came to camp basically as a pro tryout and now dressed in every game for you consistently. A force in the fourth

  11. 1.14: SJ/COL Byers hit on Desjardins


    Sat, 14 Jan 2012

    right on the button you see it perfectly right here's game fires. Right to they had elevate up to the head and Brad Winchester does the right thing goes right after team fires that you saw. Particular hit flyers. Who was out on the hit my

  12. 1.12: SJS/WIN -- game highlights


    Fri, 13 Jan 2012

    named to the NHL all star team. Now third period seems score Andrew Murray passage of Andrew is jardin. His shot and Brad Winchester which in the bound to happen Sharks fifth on the season Niemi made 24 saves. For his first shutout this season two

  13. shortened some quarrels over finding a way to get us over one home. Jamie McGinn has produced. Large more goals force Brad Winchester last night I was going. And you need that from most of the players as well. It's underline her performance. In

  14. 1.4: SJ/ANA game highlights


    Thu, 5 Jan 2012

    days. On the move by body trying to keep this team in the game late in the second game in the game. Have that for Brad Winchester it I I want it more at the start plus Southern California this. Here at 32 player from current and diving been very

  15. the had to shoot out. Fifth round gap will land the guy by the wind put the pressure on And the next shot shooter Brad Winchester who shot wind off the goal posts have blends with the wind in the shootout 43 over the shot. Picture join us tonight

  16. 12.13: SJS/COL -- game highlights


    Wed, 14 Dec 2011

    round now dig real Landis got finds fine between. It puts the pressure of San Jose but some necks and they shooter Brad Winchester . That rings off the goal posts. Avalanche get the win in the suit out more victory over the soft so the Sharks

  17. 12.11: SJ/CHI game highlights


    Sun, 11 Dec 2011

    re really sharp and Marcus Kruger of it's not. And people that you see it lasted two minutes later great pass by Brad Winchester it's that big shot by Justin Vaughan. We'll get to know it's 21 Sharks at this point it. For quite some time

  18. have three games four or four days against to really opponent so. It's going to be great task for us and we look forward to thank you graduation. There is Sharks forward Brad Winchester singles wins decisively tonight tried to over the

  19. 12.8: Lunch with Brodie and Kevin


    Thu, 8 Dec 2011

    they just have to find a way to to bury them loose puck in front and that's maybe why we've we're gonna see Brad Winchester up on top The Thornton and the Belsky line because he's good about getting around that blue paint media obviously

  20. 11.26: Sharks vs. Canucks highlights


    Sun, 27 Nov 2011

    Schneider in net for Vancouver on November. Rebels beat by patty Marleau and a break and get stoned by Schneider they. Brad Winchester handful be dropped the gloves and let it go and go back. The pre season. And seeing him. Former shark Manny and