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Sharks kick off three-game homestand with Coyotes



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Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

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Phoenix coming into town Saturday night on ice in the last five games Steve tickets to game has been playing very well Phoenix defensively. On stylistic team that's going four point two. Now lost five before once so not easy assignment and also they should be. Yeah they'll be -- I think. The Sharks are -- just rebound off -- physical game against the LA kings. -- always know what you're gonna get from the Phoenix -- the are gonna play a solid defensive game but I think the pace of the Sharks again and hopefully get some bodies back. In their home game here but I think overall we'll take a lot of positive things they did on the road trip he scored some goals they have a lot of bodies or going down they had players have to fill in and they got the job done so I'm sure there how people get some home cooked meal and and now get some good rest and get ready for Saturday. Right and hopefully getting some more players' backs this correctly Dan Boyle and Brent Burns who we understand seem to be. Very very close to coming back about this the Sharks and Coyotes have already played each other this season -- the second game of the year for him correctly for San -- For one final. At a safety center. Don't know. In the season as a team. I think that you learned a few things on tendencies and all but I every game as a as a game you have to compete to win. In the national hot streak.

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    Just to clear things up your goals and a wide shot or was it a intentional pass up the zip boards I was trying to go top shelf and it is our job. I get back AFC elected. Jason thank you and Brent Burns thank you to you guys back it's.

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    re the 49ers game and I got to see San Francisco beat the Detroit Lions. On Sunday night. But don't Bryant well Brent burns and birdies still with us join us you guys have a good time at the football and. I was good it was actually. My four

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    gentlemen it's my pleasure to introduce you to. Mister Brent Burns . I was weren't Ajax who moved out there longer. I ..... s on like every water. outstanding addition to team Brent Burns as a great work ethic he has passion and a wonderful

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  1. Sharks' Burns not expected out long-term


    Sun, 27 Oct 2013

    OTTAWA – Brent Burns missed his fourth straight game on Sunday in Ottawa, but remains day-to-day and is not expected to be out long-term, according

  2. Freddie Hamilton hopes to face brother Dougie


    Wed, 23 Oct 2013

    Brent Burns ' injury means the Hamilton brothers -- Freddie and Dougie -- should rendezvous on the ice Thursday, when the Sharks visit the Bruins.

  3. viewing angle than Joseph Morton plant on the line with two rookies in this contest course Hamilton in the heat with Brent Burns out of the game and third period Horton line. Kendall's wrist shot is seen here by Niemi at least is locked and them

  4. Burns out vs. Red Wings; Hamilton to debut


    Mon, 21 Oct 2013

    Brent Burns will miss the Sharks' game in Detroit on Monday after getting hit in the mouth on Saturday, opening up an opportunity for a rookie's debut.

  5. tied 33 game photo shoot out. Alex Jason unbeaten nineteen Niemi glove side it comes down to a sharks' final shooter Brent Burns all know broad judgeship. Turned aside by Dan Ellis Sharks lose 431 loss of the season not regulation up for the shots

  6. Sergei Gonchar. Get a penalty for a cross checking. Brent burns and see if there's another charge on the power play ..... glove side so that means it all comes down to number 88 Brent Burns . That's a chance to extend. This skills competition

  7. Sharks rookie Nieto impresses in loss to Dallas


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    Matt Nieto's early goal against Dallas impressed Todd McLellan so much, he rewarded his rookie with ice time on Joe Thornton- Brent Burns line.

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    The San Jose Sharks lost their perfect record to the Stars as Joe Pavelski, Logan Couture and Brent Burns were shut out in the shootout.

  9. Brent Burns mic'd up vs. Senators


    Mon, 14 Oct 2013


  10. I don't know what happened. Many depleted and I just. I don't know I don't know what happened there and play it it's you finds Souza. Is agree them. Because those are my real get those my neck tension matters in our hearts. Has his degree program is under as much but I wasn't gonna miss so. armed

  11. know find the back and He's always seems to be in front and enemies did a great job for us we had the Michael and Brent Burns of the telecast so we knew he was calling for the puck from you. Could take this room. That game winning goal two

  12. bit of target now and and he he said he might left off from a little bit reminder please Plano line Joseph Thornton Brent Burns so he should know that that line and maybe. That one will be obviously targeted a little bit from the opponent's

  13. Instant Replay: Burns' third period goal keeps Sharks perfect


    Sat, 12 Oct 2013

    The Sharks moved to 5-0 on the season with a 3-2 win over the Senators thanks to a goal by Brent Burns seven minutes into the third period.

  14. time I thought he made it. I thought I thought he had a great Gammon and jumped up in the play you know we interviewed Brent Burns after the first period tonight. And I comment that I loved his stuff fake shot and pass over to classic he goes well

  15. 0380 in the division undefeated on the year Sharks back in action for a little Saturday night on ice vs the senators. Brent Burns will be wiped out pregame live starts at 630 with the drop of the puck at seven all on Comcast sports net California

  16. linemen come and you know he's playing Joseph Thornton Brent burns and these are two veteran guys that that that should ..... not cool because it's all three big boys stored and Brent burns and now how much hurdle. But did I think it's all

  17. very aggressive style north south game. Attack the other team and make the defend against us we start that was making Brent Burns area before and very tough guy to defend them when we had the he Torres. And you know all the guys that we have in

  18. Highlights: Sharks 4, Canucks 1


    Fri, 4 Oct 2013

    Sharks make this contest. Even Joseph Gordon will start to turn over Thomas sort of look at the puck and give it to Brent burns and boy he's got a rifle from that point as well and he skating at a nice play by but it all does start with Horton

  19. indication. Tonight was nineteen year old Thomas hurdles first game in the NHL gets his first point on an assistant Brent Burns . He's. I can get to really known for awhile so tell us what he's like and what he needs of this team right now

  20. lot to learn about this game. Yeah but you know they're both of positions to succeed yet her role playing with and Brent Burns we saw what he could do in the in the pre season had three goals in four games. And yet I would Joba need to certainly