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McLellan: 'They don't miss a beat by starting Brian Elliott tonight.'



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Thu, 19 Apr 2012|

Damon Andrews has your Wendy's Morning Minute for Thursday, April 19.


Machine Generated Transcript

Time now for the win -- morning minute Collins CSN Bay Area dot com. Then -- with the from the Comcast sports net studios with the morning minute the Thursday April 19 when he hit sand base and where it was ace tied eighteenth tee as the Giants went. One's that been extra inning both Matt Cain and Cliff Lee they go the distance. Came extend his scoreless streak to nineteen innings lead becomes the first Phillies pitcher that -- ten -- since Terry Mulholland did so back in 93. Still both pitchers did not factor into the system Clay Hensley gets the win and so -- the Giants take in the series against one. My game. You know you appreciate. How good these two were denying it's not easy to do with what they did it. And yeah I'm really. The pace of the game -- as -- -- -- and throwing strikes some quality strikes and but you know sure picture back that you know great matchups. -- -- -- is one I'll remember me. It is a new and better than what we saw tonight. Down in Anaheim these days blanked the Angels were -- six victory Bartolo -- was the story of the night pitching eight scoreless. In the way he is now riding a fifteen inning scoreless streak. Where he's given up seven hits one walk and struck out ten. But Tina -- Santos pitched. One scoreless innings to preserve the shutout. Gil went assessment is added a three run Jack and Johnny Gomes had the exact into RB Iowa the Angels Vick signing Albert Pujols is still looking for his first home run. Of the season. -- -- blues goalie Brian Elliott will be in net for game four against the Starks. The back -- started -- greens places starting out slop how -- stopped 26 shots on goal to -- Saint Louis for the victory. A lot remains out after reportedly injuring his ankle in game two. Such drives Todd McClellan spoke of his team's goals for example. Today it was our opportunity trying to address and I just some things. We did that not only get a -- playing and not over think anything just go play and that's what we're we're shoot four tomorrow. Tonight's big match for team -- and Comcast sports that. It gets tougher -- game four between the Sharks and blues and HP pavilion pregame live it's going to take -- seven. The Comcast sports net California in the puck -- shortly after the it's a third. That was the windy this morning minute CSN Bay Area dot com.

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  1. 12.10: SJS/STL game highlights

    to Joseph for belted a one timer stopped by Elliott and boy it was good tonight. Elliott was just fantastic it's a great pass by ..... face offers that there but. Charged not by Brian Elliott finally coming into this game. He had eight

  2. Highlights -- Blues 3, Sharks 0

    the best guy in the in terms of goals against average Brian Elliott coming in. He was huge really strong Scott in that ..... but just nothing to show more than seventeen saves for Elliott . And then things get nasty and you knew they. They

  3. Power plays goals doom Sharks in 4-3 Game 3 loss to Blues

    Brian Elliott getting the start as expected. Read his first start. Of this best of seven series the covered nine of all time in game three

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    right here because in the attack. In the off to take any chances to tie this thing to open Belsky Patrick Marleau it. Brian Elliott . All between the pipes played well He has give him some crap that was nice save right there right past results. At

  1. property of their order coming up and you know stars have little cushion there and a fumble gave it to their guy pitched great. Elliott broke through there or is familiar to him that allows you to give Romo a little break him you know he pitches. Last night

  2. sleeved Jersey is likely going to be seeing an increase god this coming season but I don't I did not beautiful just gorgeous. Elliott and you have to my guns that's a lot of not. 125 NBA teams any either alternate Jersey while the majority the other NBA

  3. now perfect twenty went for 21 mystery actually date back to last year and they see that 39 days. Maybe I mean the Packers Elliott it's diving he's pretty good out there but what is it do you think that's just me theme about I like that there. I think

  4. Flames for a future draft pick before games. Expendable when San Jose acquired forward Tyler Kennedy at Sunday's NHL draft Elliott . In the 36 game of the Sharks and we'll. I'm not afraid. Now is a warning that. That was the windy this morning minute

  5. with a triple scoring on the way. only run sixth inning for the Cougars the bulldogs get one back in the bottom of the sixth Elliott reps that double down the left field line quickly toward. To make it 51. That was the final that's fine your defense can

  6. put me in vascular. And that's sliding around like because this too aggressive and it's a lot of contact and I was to Elliott side started playing and me that's relationship got. Day. And started to get more closer to me. And primary lesson that

  7. preakness chop it eat everything. Else we're in Butler that's out there and hit it up a lot. See you Adrian that now he can Elliott and that Matt and mark and got it. and that one out there that you out ever at that out loud at night after a while and it

  8. and it people. Thank you vote for your service television that they don't want appreciates it. Sargent nick corporal Cody Elliott thanks for joining us chronicle and have a great time here tonight the entire time here spring training our guys for days a

  9. Kendall Smith stopping and popping turns out this number fifteen guy. The freedom their with the wolverines early Jim Jordan Elliott Smith that he get up Smith. It down eight to six here valley early and they start to pull away Kenny Robinson to a streaking

  10. before that happened by an anticipated. Things and you know it. All all young quarterbacks go through that and that's. Elliott Koresh had a lot to work. You know definitely to concentrate on and that's specific things is really good for camp right

  11. talked about this lots when you come off the field. Yeah. That's. It is I mean you know stands are just outstanding. Elliott finished in the game. Said this before about the kind of an East Coast knowledge of baseball. And it's not a lot of West

  12. you're not winning and that's what being. Yeah how big of a different. Republican than what Elliott after a lot got injured early on and Elliott basically. I think you love Bible Do you play. He played very well and and the nova tandem of

  13. Highlights -- Blues 2, Sharks 1


    Fri, 20 Apr 2012

    what it was a one timer that opened up that pass like that it's driver of the net. What else can with a glorious chance Elliott I think miraculously makes a savior there's short order the tickets down and write her off. He still makes us. Have a chance

  14. RB Iowa the Angels Vick signing Albert Pujols is still looking for his first home run. Of the season. blues goalie Brian Elliott will be in net for game four against the Starks. The back started greens places starting out slop how stopped 26 shots

  15. when my son. No I can't you know attract the waist and they're just as I'm aware that I wanted. Batters last year so Elliott said it's a fine when you can throw that pitcher and you can throw expansion. Time and still want to. I think I'll it

  16. going the Sharks don't care raising goal they shouldn't the blues are much different team no matter whether it's a locker Elliott . But Brian close at that specific thing this morning it but only came in the game and second periods of the Sharks six minutes

  17. him he. As a team do. You guys perhaps we'll particularly. I mean Saint Louis was upset about it to tell. that don't Elliott me and of course 11. That was there yeah. What's it about a career it's hard to see from us it didn't seem like it

  18. cardinal rule like that guys but. You can't hear about it you know it's it's. It's one of those you'd like not not but Elliott did you decide to move on and of course there's consortium. Did you think there was a better chance came in when he wasn

  19. important this series very good defensive team very good goaltenders that's the way sports teams like that. wondered is work Elliott who. Where's it seemed like Well it it it actually ends there because they're both really solid guys with completely different

  20. the other not that the others capable. There's a security blanket there. You know which one isn't there. I'm sorry Elliott is an injury. We all know. Clue. Earlier in the hole. Upper level. what the injury things like this time of the year with