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Harbaugh details Eric Mangini's role with the 49ers


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Tue, 4 Jun 2013|

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Sure and it's a shame because that would that now. Planning. OK yeah okay NC. They're moving he is currently on what is rule -- would -- be consulting on offense. Feel like we had a he accounted knowledgeable coach. You look at how defenses are gonna prepare for us and and where we can attack defenses. That's that's what is his role will be helping game planning and -- overall offensive scheme. Eventually that's that's that's possible but. A right now just getting indoctrinated things. -- Who have made that decision. That is. That. Oh absolutely absolutely. The the idea that you you're either getting better you're getting worse but you never stay in the same. What ways can we get better when. Trying to chase that. See if we can't get a mile an hour faster. With the newly created position now -- my team. We bring him on it's. Just felt like job. That was something that. The watch and watch and watch him on TV and you know. Is great reputation -- other coaches on the staff who coached with the men and Calder cup in and as if he'd be interested describe the role. Came around and visited for about three days. Maybe two weeks ago and we've been in conversation. Since then and explain where I thought it could there really helped us -- think invigorated this I think it makes us better.

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