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Couture on two-goal night: 'They were both pretty much gifts'



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Sat, 26 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

-- -- short two goals tonight for the San Jose Sharks joining us live outside the dressing room here in Montreal look at I know you just put the headset on but drew and I were just talking. About the what you guys finished the game that those last five or six shifts in the third period when they were trying to get Carey Price out of the net and trying to mount a comeback late that that was text. Cocky we thought that was it we we caught up an obvious. It's good what they were doing that -- in the first we try to process a lot of restricted her that often. Is that -- -- especially with some speed coming back in the quick shifts I think this was key for us tonight that. Especially Austin and it's on the ice off the ice and really kept -- -- College -- what your goals. Dissent among. You know you gotta be the right spot the right times so their their timing was a -- but let's talk about your first goal for going to the net talk to me about what you read is -- -- they're both pretty much guess the fact that back at. Yeah -- -- got past ten days here to thank him. Just trying to get some someone on it and was able to get up in the -- it's -- about this place is gonna fight over with this -- on the -- hopes get up there and yeah. Except for one. You know we realized he was coming out of and a lot even when the Cubs on -- bus. In certain ranks it can be dangerous to you don't know where where it's gonna go so. You know as a gift and a ticket. On the on most plays both those plays so. Are you thinking heavy stick here or because you get pressure on that point and they're you're getting hard pass under first going to get to -- on the hands on that what. Are you thinking heavy stick first assist on the on the stick off the stick to -- it's possible. You know the plan is going to be site or so on and off the set point. Do -- you can -- -- to edit as you thought okay. Logan that we should agree Africa near the end of the game of how many. Goals on the road you've scored in the last three years and I think only seven fewer than Alex Ovechkin who's the NHL leader in that category over that period of time. Why do you think that is. Have no idea if the scars on -- Soviet home to organize but so. And enough interest and on the road corner of the city's new buildings especially in the notes that so much fun playing. At this building -- see the effort game like this we talked to Dan Boyle Dan join us during the game and you know I I described Dan as a gamer. He also describes you as a gamer does that mean. Hopefully they assessed competitiveness is there there is on the case and that's one thing. About -- loyalists. He's not the biggest guy is gonna panelist as you possibly can't have that card. And seeing the same thing about you whether that's good if I -- and accomplishing them well. It's been something -- Logan lots of challenges throughout the season this forty or 24 hour period actually 22 hours is is a big one. It's a challenge to come right back and play an early game tomorrow and not -- -- at this persons coming -- excited I'm back to Ottawa. At four great years there and see a lot of people and now my thoughts. After the game so I'm looking forward to getting back there. You know it's always fun playing Canadian cities hosted it this team can. Can get up for a looks like now husband at the start tomorrow so the forfeit our Texas Texas. Yeah.

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