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2.23: Jamie Baker on Olympic Hockey



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Wed, 24 Feb 2010|

Machine Generated Transcript

It is Jamie baker of course my ass sometime partner sometimes set pre and post game live I wish it were all the time but you know we're like Austin and I -- -- -- -- yeah. Isn't Vancouver had a radio network and and big win for team USA obviously we've talked a lot. About the significance but we have talked do you so you know what what what what are you take away from that that factor victory over Canada. I think you know Brian Burke when the US -- this summer. He thinks you know one of the first things you said when he addressed everybody what if you're not here to go out trying to win the gold medal you can leave now. And he set the table that's what we're we're. You know what I know that Canada is going to be fair or Russia or Sweden but it doesn't matter we're gonna go trying to win the gold medal we have all guys from the NHL with a great goaltending. And I had a chance to interview -- -- the last time the Sharks played in Chicago he was -- again. And he was their -- party they were looking at actually it was at the time they're looking at the Belsky he was kind of on the bubble. And had a real good interview with them. And one of things he said he -- we're not just looking for our top players you know the most skilled players were trying to find guys that fit roles if you look at a guy like Chris Drury. He's a veteran but you know he's gonna kill some penalties. So he's got you know they got speed they had a nice mix of speed. They got nice mix of toughness size and of course to get the critical time. Stakes in the -- concern about about the number one seed going forward I mean number -- all the sudden you know you're not team USA that the little team that could flying under the radar and -- -- -- the tops in the tournament so everybody's gunning for -- even if you're not Canada or Russia or Sweden. You know look at -- Canada was the favorite team going in you know then Russia than probably Sweden. The bottom line has anything can happen in one game series it's -- it's one game I mean a couple of bad calls. You know all about balance she -- even some of the goals that US had on on Canada and in. Broder kind of trying to make the poke checked into what I mean there's like they were very opportunistic. And Miller played phenomenal tell if Miller lets in one or two soft ones and there's momentum the other team doesn't matter who would this could be Switzerland I mean Switzerland gave US a good camp. You know you just beat them 31 they took Canada the shootout so. Anything can happen I'm and that's the -- up and that in Denver come out there than yesterday where he try to get the US kind of off the high horse and we don't play well -- -- deserved to win that game maybe this kind of says forget about the seeding. You guys have to play better and that you know. Our best game is ahead of us you know what if you get in this type situation as a player if you you put yourself in that as a player now. There is no seeding it's one game you move on that's yet so. You know that I think that that thing about the US situation and it you could've drawn up any better. And it it's not so much that they beat Canada is that it's that from Canada standpoint not beating Switzerland. That's really -- Canada because. Not beating Switzerland they beating beatings Richard on regulation actually right right so sick of -- if -- Canada wins that game. And regulation they're the number four seed right now they don't -- yeah and guess who they play in the semifinals the US so the top three favorite teams coming into the tournament. War Canada Russia Sweden -- all in the same bracket so you know the cable shut for the US but he's still have to you just don't know do it right you gotta do -- -- is still remain. In watching these guys play and obviously they're all pros they're they're millionaires that are out there doing it now and everybody knows the story of the 1980 team you know the miracle on ice. Those -- the college kids were going up against the eight the the Russians in the Cold War was in full effect. There's still that same pride that same club vs country thing that a lot of players take on the the guys or is kind of different now because these guys know each other already when they when they when their face enough. You know it's. It's like you're playing it's it's pride it's for your country I mean this is this trumps everything that these guys do I -- the Stanley Cup is huge. But you're playing for a team for a city for an organization obviously that's it pays the bills. But now you're playing for your country the most watched sporting event ever in the history of Canada. I mean that's what people remember these games so. It it goes to a whole new level if you watch the the speed of the game out there it's it's ferocious and in the inning what does this pay these guys. How -- they get paid for -- I don't think they get paid you know compared I don't doesn't matter. There's no price to be part of this this you know. They have memory you know temporary you know they're getting paid memories for life care -- ought to be a part of us that's what they're impact this is like your whole life you to be. There I don't know anybody that's what's gonna be interesting with the NHL's enough to deal that. It's the players wanna be a part of most players wanna be part of this experience risking their risking their injury -- had -- because I mean what if -- gets taken out there as you know -- playoff run and all the stuff. Pick it up I mean it can happen it can't happen. But you know it's a short term and I think. If you look at what the ratings are can see how good the hockey is I mean it's just it's I think it's a great endorsement that's how intense they they they're still playing at this and well and then. It's your country it's for your country you know and you know that if you look at what happened you know they call it super Sunday. Yeah I mean you have the three border rivalries and you also have like with you know Russia playing the Czech Republic. That it's those two teams -- the gold medal game in 98. Olympics -- of Canada US playing nearly gold medal game in 02 and an -- of Sweden Finland that was a gold medal game and or sick so. Then then these countries the you don't wanna -- -- arrive I was what's tougher. Canadians right now will not just -- catalyst for the US. Only getting -- another soft and it's tough I want to get this -- out that track Craig Jovan any. Says right now Sweden looks to be the strongest team with the most talent they haven't shown. Any major flaws or liabilities so. It'll Craig's opinion is that Sweden as the team to beat the US as the number one seed candidate maybe the most talented going Ford picks as we approach the medal round. How do you how do you break it down as the team to be right. It it's coming down to goaltending you know it really does I mean is it if Russia. -- block off the Nabokov plays phenomenal. They have the score. Think they can they can they can score some goals Lundqvist he hasn't really been -- twelve that tested effort for team Sweden he will be you know because on Friday there either going to be playing Canada or Russia. Right now the US has a great chance to potentially. You know getting to that gold medal game and they really they've put themselves in a good position -- I think's gonna win I think. If Nabokov plays. Exceptional. Tomorrow night I think Russia. Might win the goalmouth and I I think Canada can. But I think it's a tougher -- they went tonight. Play Russia tomorrow. Then probably played Sweden on Friday and then play some -- -- those are four games in six nights that's playing a best of seven in four nights -- you know they have won -- unlucky bounce that's different if Nabokov carries entered through the gold medal that's got to give him mental confidence going in that. -- Stanley Cup. President. Get a break -- you don't know they can't or don't really play the -- -- -- -- -- them because we -- -- Williams trying to -- what he needs to do it in time right absolutely nothing. All right Jamie baker always good time talking Bucs elected Texas parks is not now thinks that's our.