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5.10: Sharks morning skate -- Todd McLellan



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Fri, 13 May 2011|

Following a monster Game 7 win for the Sharks, Randy, Drew, Brodie and Slappy rehash the wild series.


Machine Generated Transcript

This is Sharks late night confidential the San Jose Sharks are going into the third round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs they beat Detroit Red Wings tonight in game seven. Street to the final score on Randy on. He's drew and a we have just finished our final broadcast of the season sloppy here snappy line to cheer about tonight. Eight yards away. Yeah. Yeah. Slapping -- finding -- Amanda as sloppy turns out to be the good luck charm after all we will not. -- -- -- From program in the -- drew are very our final broadcast tonight on that Comcast sports net California they're what are what are leading off the -- and that was great. One of the best. Hockey games I've seen in this building you know -- against Detroit Red Wings. One of the prettiest. It not the greatest toughest. Hard nosed performers by San Jose Sharks. That I have ever since they were spectacular. Tonight. They had trouble adversity it fixed in. They did everything right tonight even when they escorted party whenever mistakes in the game He bounced back. That seemed a little tight to -- ya when they were nervous there's no question it was this the biggest David sharks' history I think you just might have been. Because of all on the line and there was some nervous guys they couldn't get the puck -- -- -- because -- -- the first shift there are five. -- spent five turnovers arrogantly -- can't get the puck past the Blue Line. I was thinking oh you've got to be kidding me please don't start like that again they settled down. They got their normal jubilant. Hands and after that it was just about wheel wells to think that the dominant player in the first period really set the tone for instance two or off Phil was amazing He was physical. He was winning battles He was winning space ops. His no look pass on the power play goal by So Taguchi is is one of the great passes in his career and -- is because of how much it meant in this game. He really started the Sharks off the what you hope your captain will lead to -- absolute. You mean output to -- all the Joseph Thornton. You know. Talk about that comes through it and kind of I don't know I mean we can't because you know -- you don't celebrate you do crazy enough as yet is only the second round. And the Sharks got to this point last year spent. So we don't expect that to happen this year you saw some really great things from a lot of great people and it's for us. It's it's gratifying to to be always you know. Waving the flag for -- and always be you know seen you guys don't -- things that we see all the time. Now every shot every shot tonight when we see repeated basis from guys like -- game well and -- -- All of the guys -- Stanley Cup wins under your belt Dan Boyle. Was terrific tonight Nicholas Pauline. Not spectacular ones not not many -- not anything that is going to be the highlight. Just going back shift after shift taking care of things in his own and being physical not allowing himself to be beaten. He He was terrific to end -- really seemed to inspire classic I thought. -- it was really good throughout this playoffs halfway through now but especially tonight He was a much. Critique the -- score. Throughout the whole year and it will be but -- -- -- regular starter and move the pocket big total that you know had a couple of -- times that putt. Again blocked shots -- like massive amounts of shots and moments. -- in front. Tucker Chris Osgood this morning. And He was talking about how much He liked. The way our defensive play and He said that's a tough defense to play against our guys talking about it they're tough to go to -- -- and on. They were great to. Really good effort to be one of the signature plays of this game that will stand out in my mind. Withstand -- hit on Tomas Holmstrom was -- -- over the years how many times has Thomas Paul -- federal Sharks parks himself in front of the -- gets a part of his body on the puck finds a rebound well actually yeah I think I can barely escaped but he's -- in front of the net even that is it is is -- now he's getting on his putter and Dan what is -- you're not setting up shop -- an excellent team unity and heat. Just put him down He flattened and and we saw holes to on the bench after that shift and He looked woozy and I think when the rest of the trade and -- that. It's gonna be a lot of a little bit unnerving to all of them because at that point they -- -- get hired -- undermanned with both Cleary you know Bertuzzi out front not in the game from the get go. In and the Sharks took advantage of that. Is this redemption for Patrick Marleau or just. The next. Step for Patrick -- it's a little bit of to whoever wanted to -- critique or criticize them but you know besides that goal. He made two outstanding insult defensive plays late in the game that seat belts I think that's. That might be his third series deciding goal in Pittsburgh. You know it's it's it's a number up there. You know there -- people that are gonna say well and one point seven games but what's the game winning goal and that's not what He did as you said. I thought He had a solid game. You know with the -- -- He has you -- -- -- this started streak for Patrick hopefully. For Sharks fans it starts streak against Vancouver. Because. The Sharks need they need to be caught obviously it's tougher week for its amazing how hard this whole Stanley Cup thing is guys that you've united around. For the last twenty years. You know you can feel good about this and you can celebrate for today but there are only halfway home page last year we got to the same point and got buckets after that. And hiring as the Vancouver Canucks have been arrested. Nice thing it's not a big -- you know it's just. Up the coast and Jamie baker literally a point in in this helps the Sharks the -- this year's setup to start game one on Sunday in Vancouver so short -- Add that you play Sunday so what is it now there's you know as we take this night Friday Saturday no way you play Sunday routine to was until Wednesday -- -- -- Extra day buffer. For the Sharks up today who was well rested because. Their series and in six games but now the Sharks get another extra -- there at this point everybody's little banged up and even an extra days to make a difference we're gonna go out and US TA -- that's -- -- atmosphere did you think sucking it up to -- to him not being written there's nothing for. He's done. Who listens to I -- good performance because their original happen. This group you know and happy to this coaching staff and I know how close your Todd McLellan then -- the audience. That challenge it would prop the figures such a great job and they worked so hard and -- know they have to keep the the team on task here you know. Try to put the that's the last three losses behind you and as we found out the momentum from game six. In fact didn't carry over because it was the Sharks that set the tone from the very get go and -- at least until the second period had the Red Wings chasing them. Reestablished the momentum fans were great today. Fans were off the hook at near the end of the game after -- and He made it seem off Pavel Datsyuk which was no bullets -- -- And is as Pavel Datsyuk the best player. I believe if you've -- cars my trophy if He gets knocked out second round -- losing guys have gone before you hear that when it comes to mind most recently plus ago for a time but. He he's just don't know why I contended for all of -- -- All three zones. Money games the best player in the NHL a pick and -- across if I was going to. What does this do for the Sharks franchise you know -- that the point one years in the history of this team and there's more more interest every year if -- if you're seventeen or eighteen year old kid who's -- you know all you know your entire life is that there's been a hockey team here so we're past that. New market kind of connotation is put on teams. What does this do for the franchise pushing them -- a game like this and and and dispelling. A lot of the myths about this team that they can't when they. I think it establishes. Or hurt or dissolves -- soft. Approach it's a nice place to live and a great place to play hockey but really you can't take answers that. You have to take -- seriously back to back Western Conference trips and against tough opponents and determined it got to go through Detroit twice to get there. So it is Dallas is a little bit of work its way I should say the became a big one soft team's top players. Take approaching. It it forces people take charge a little bit more seriously but that being said thank you see it halfway to his. It's gonna be set again if that your school in quick fashion or less than. Tough fashion like the -- this series. They have high expectations for themselves higher than the fans to believe -- -- not and this team that they're earnest when the Stanley Cup this year and -- wins away. But are only eight wins and still only go Roddick still here brought. -- here -- six yeah. Do you rate down there on the ice after the game doing interviews with the guys right right next and Angie yeah it was a little sense of what -- -- like down there. You guys don't know Patrick -- a guy who's who's the cameras in his face it's like this happen does show. Knee -- down but how but. He was smiling I couldn't get it stopped talking straight it was right you know the timing is like usually it went back in Poland that. It's. So. I thought that was cool thing you know the guys are definitely leave for it's much they said today was just another game and treated that way. It's all tastes. Really good on these guys. It's sad situation when it I think it's made him -- plus that's for sure I know your -- mr. Twitter I just talented you live and redid our it they should change Twitter to Brodie. That she's a name. Our outlets are. Let's start our own and and and call -- Brazil in the people would be bristling. It's that we. I don't know what you are reporters and I put a real difference -- I'm gonna get -- resilient bills that would. Or get the questions. That wanna comment on yankees to you guys read through your artwork on the broadcast here. I know -- you think it's your job but a lot of people. Our thoughts are right under our -- I am a -- OJ JFO. Look it up just another. Observer that's when I present my thank you very much might really it's not like it's job. People asking this did you drew what are you guys watch games one and two who. Oh we're not gonna go to Vancouver our work is done as far as doing games and unless someone drops an airline ticket in my pocket will be staying right here but it surely it will be involved in the coverage. On Comcast in some fashion or another. Until the Sharks are not hopefully and hopefully that's two runs -- match. I will be in my usual -- will be in my career. Ironing ironing. All my suits on my clothes just in case against call from somebody when all of my my -- been preaching to me and my brother on. I'm in Vancouver. They want me of course to come because you know -- -- comes down to the prodigal son returns things that got bigger brother. But you know again earning takes takes precedent like church. So I'll be doing things Hoover and this one likes it it's great question. What's the scouting report on Vancouver. Not the team the city you guys have been on what we've gotten people live there I went to college there at the receivers -- worked in radio in Vancouver. I I would say it is one of the great cities of the world I'll put in that -- category. And and when the weather's nice and it's kind of that time of the year -- it could easily grain as well -- He sunny but when the weather's nice. There are few prettier cities in the world -- at San Francisco. With huge mountains with snow and kind of European feel to it and a large Asian community a big Chinatown. A big international flavor to it great places to eat great places to enjoy recreation. And one of the great inner city parks in the world Stanley Park. Which which rivals Central Park is one of the great inner city parks in the world so it's a great city to go to. I highly recommend going there good luck getting tickets at five -- to -- Number five orange that is one of the finest barbecue. Establishments and all of Vancouver check -- out. Does this work through it here. -- -- I haven't asked of me at all apparently -- -- dropped -- about six. I don't know if we're more. -- -- I bet you that that's that's in ten dollar bill in your pocket so longer rivaling -- -- announced -- in my corporate yeah. Should bode Brody with a rattlesnake in his pocket he's afraid to put his hand in there is that might get bit it's harder what hurts -- on and analyzed when it's this one comes through. Lieutenant commander Cindy who promises. That He will get HRs tad too if the team goes on to Stanley Cup your thoughts. I personally inked at this point through no linkage knowing it's -- engagements where I'm I'm I have the -- Selling us out as advertised had to go Tyson. -- advertising right you know makes money that I I will reveal right now Campbell's injury and expect to remain free. But you never know what you know to win. Some night. Who knows -- -- muscle in his wasn't. Although I would like to point out a little -- even sweating underneath that suits my shirt soaked -- excellent I didn't and I -- something and -- have to. And it wasn't the smell of success zone -- and it's it's. You're you're you just don't get it perspiration update on a lot of Internet program based agent are you wanna smell like a man it feels faced her. Parents. And created -- split and the are right now it's going to do it for this edition of Sharks late night confidential I don't know where this program goes our -- producers like an activist in Canada this might be at Ross who knows what could be pulled out if we've crossed any line. Or we maybe back check your local listings for them that the programming on the station near you -- -- exactly it's going to be CSN California dot com. Champion and that's that's you -- still like around three until then ready not to prevent Brodie Brazil slapping a great night. It's penalty a great night for pocket. -- And yes. Just. Makes it -- I don't keep it fresh. Keep a real friend to turn. --

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