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2.2: DAL/SJS -- game highlights



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Fri, 18 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Technically sentencing still unbeaten in regulation that the only team in the National Hockey League that has picked up points in every game they have gone out and play. Dave and Bruce no shame in a road loss especially a 431 of the Dallas Stars a well played game wants knights -- 611. Still pretty good for San Jose to become -- home -- Actually especially being down Dan Boyle who we all know is such an important makes any defensive effort that they're gonna happen hopefully. He comes back sooner or later and I know we're about to talk about the hit but -- the Sharks have done a great job starting this season. And comment is wiping off the bad feeling and a bad taste -- was left and everyone's mouth last year with another collapse you know it's good to see him start. And there's a lot of argument to be made they're only going to be getting better here as we move along and so it's it's a great start for San Jose it really is even with the -- concern. Yet again another great start it's just a matter -- where they go from here aren't you talked about the hit on Dan Boyle by Maxim Lapierre just a couple of hours ago. Lot Pierre was suspended five games by Brendan Shanahan the National Hockey League. I'll be honest here I guessed six. Were you pretty much in line with around five games for this hit that -- oil -- -- since I thought five was the was the starting point and I'm not surprised to see being the ending point in the negotiation I really thought. In the history of dirty play in the corner -- Lapierre did it had a terrible consequence but I didn't think that the action. I don't think the consequence was the desired action of -- I think Lapierre was going into the corner. To mess up not it's not not injure anyone -- he didn't leave his skate and I thought that boy Il's body position on it. Had as much to do with the severity of it as the actual impact of the hit itself and maybe you disagree with this. I think your -- a little bit off balance when you watch certain angles and this is what Brendan Shanahan pointed out that the -- was a little bit off balance. As he was accepting that and maybe that caused him to put himself and more prone position as he was being. Was the perfect storm for an injury I didn't think it was the perfect execution of the code red and we see enough of those in hockey right to know what a real code -- a real nasty it is. I think that had bad intentions. Did that. But it didn't eat he did not really wanna do that's to get --

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