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Lincecum to test free agency; Sharks go to shootout in Big D



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Fri, 18 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Time now for the Wednesday's morning. -- -- dot com. Good morning everyone -- -- -- here with your morning minute from the Comcast sports net studios news on Tim Lincecum -- Giants -- -- -- -- -- early reports that Lincecum plans to solicit offers on the free agent market Lincecum can officially become a free -- five days. After the World Series is over -- -- hockey second period 32 Sharks against the stars. Cody again finding the back of the -- were tied 33 game photo shoot out. -- Alex Jason unbeaten nineteen Niemi glove side it comes down to a sharks' final shooter Brent Burns all know broad judgeship. Turned aside by Dan Ellis Sharks lose 431 loss of the season not regulation up for the shots. We're just going to really get three points were going to play well we're as Christmas boxes. As we have been earlier. Sometimes good team can do -- to you give them full -- that could -- our game. Power play opportunities that we had we didn't capitalize on that could have been a difference in the that I. Can't get enough Sharks be sure to tune in Saturday at 7 o'clock as the Flames come to town pregame live 630 post game to follow in the game get all the coverage on the game and Comcast sports net California game on. That was the -- where.

Video Results

  1. Highlights: Stars score lone SO goal to hand Sharks first loss

    another charge on the power play four on three style and a couple chances before the clock expires moving to shortstop by Dan Ellis out front. And off the faceoff has won last month but Ellis is too good credit the stars 413 is a tough situation to

  2. 11.10: Sharks/Predators recap

    game at one. Belsky with a chance to put San Jose But Dan Ellis stones had so we are tied after one. Period number two ..... That was an ugly winning goal from the standpoint of Dan Ellis that's for sure that's one he'd like back any night