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2.19: SJS/DET -- game highlights



  1. Joey MacDonald1:26, 1:43
  2. Colin White0:12
  3. Drew Miller0:27, 1:09
  4. Dan Boyle0:50
  5. Darren Helm1:10
  6. Logan Couture0:35
  7. Patrick Marleau1:27
  8. the Red Wings1:45
  9. Detroit0:02
Sun, 19 Feb 2012|

Red Wings 3, Sharks 2


Machine Generated Transcript

Sharks Detroit. Red wings look into their record only street once you get to 23. Straight first beer. And lyrics that ever heard -- a backhander. Off Colin White. Leg and that's past Niemi once that red. Second period -- weeks. Bring it into the zone -- the makes the save particular spot -- -- Kearns has a chance to -- and could not do it. Drew Miller front of the net he's -- make it to zip. Privilege -- few minutes later starts and probably crazy sequences Joseph Thornton passed Joseph -- shot was blocked. Logan Couture takes it. I -- at the puck puck bounced off the net than just an advocate -- stick and an -- -- now 21 red wings to tour. Give credit for the goal third period just over two minutes into the third scary moment. In a wide shot goes off the skate of Dan Boyle and up to the face of Marc Edwards -- He would not return. A little bit of blood flow there indeed a couple minutes later another -- Five ahead of us are still rebels keep trying to block his lips and slap shot that goes opts out of his dad. The -- you -- would return to the game later in the third win strike again Drew Miller senate Darren Helm for his sixth of the season 31 Detroit. Things you'll simply about five minutes left them third Ryan -- just an applicator. Drop the gloves club gets good shots in there kind of woke up his team. Because point two ticks later Brent -- shot say about Joey MacDonald but Patrick Marleau is there for the rebound Detroit itself holds on to win. For the third straight win on big Suh is their final starts -- third straight while the wings win that. Historic and legally between certain road home and they get it done behind third straight Atlantic Joey MacDonald made 31 saves the Red Wings went. Snapped a five game regular season losing streak to the Sharks.

Video Results

  1. 1.9: Highlights- Four Unanswered Goals Lift Wings over Sharks

    second period. I needed to talk about. The rest of the team. Other side of the side over Nabih into the third period Darren Helm . Of the in the the DL. Right there for the win the final at the Patrick a real shot in the first period the only score

  2. 5.4: SJS/DET -- game highlights

    cameras to see their lives or whether I'd probably call they reviewed it no question good goal tied it one. 12 period Darren Helm speed behind the net Patrick. Candidates to one. Yeah how we don't just be all be well out just kind of lose that

  3. 5.1: DET/SJS Game 2 highlights

    it one nothing San Jose not even five minutes. Into this hockey games second period we just short handed it. Well Darren Helm was a fast fast skater has himself a breakaway in the coming out they have no faith from help whatsoever because I think