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Brodie & Kevin: Finding a groove in Game 2



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Sat, 5 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

They should check this out here CSN California dot com -- result Kevin Kurz we are in the crease for game two of the sharks' season they'll face the Phoenix Coyotes tonight here at NC -- Center. And when you go against Phoenix you understand you're gonna face Mike Smith who had a lot of success against San Jose 60 in one in his last seven starts against the -- So yeah and we just heard a lot of players say he's so good with the puck he's almost like an extra defenseman back there so. That probably factors into the way the Sharks are gonna play but it's still so early in the season I think they're more focused on their own game that Phoenix game at this point and and able to build off and that first win so we'll just try to do more of the same tonight I would imagine. A couple different schools of thought when you played Alex Smith who as you mentioned likes to handle the puck I guess you could number one draw in the corner hope he plays it hope you put him out of position or number two. Trying keep it away from him at all times and it seems like the Sharks are going with the latter they just want him to stay away from the puck completely. Because he can effectively sort of break out for the Coyotes on the other line. -- -- -- play that same style play there are so structured under Dave Tippett -- very strong defense. And they might even have a little more offensive capabilities now that brought a micro barely offseason so. It's a lot of people are saying this is an underdog team to watch in the division in the short -- off to a great start beating the Rangers sort of on the right. Sharks are still looking for their first power play goal this season over eight in game one that's very uncharacteristic when you consider that top unit has been together for so long in their. You know still claims. But it doesn't seem like anybody's very worried about that they still understand the body of work -- there in the fact that they did have some good chances. Yet they shouldn't be worried that that top five group as you said they've been together so long they're gonna score goals there's no doubt about that. Where drops off a little does that second unit which struggled last year it's a work in progress right now we're probably continue to be a work in progress for the first couple weeks of the season we'll probably see some different looks and different players. But they can't take you know free. But of course that size that was of that as they scored four even strength goals. And they want they want pretty easily there -- those couple league also. That's that at least it's time. Coyotes are coming off the season opening win against it was the Rangers right redeemed her -- the hat trick and yes Mike Ribeiro former star is now a coyote so. We expect from the opposition tonight and certainly need any time anybody is coming off back Patrick. They're probably gonna pay them just a little bit more attention. Yeah -- -- and I were on works well around horses he ribeiro you know he's second on the on the team and scoring lecture for Washington he's had some success against the Sharks in his career. Somberly and see what he's gonna bring. All right we'll see you tonight on television 7 o'clock Sharks pregame live on Comcast sports net California. For Kevin -- on Brodie Brazil we'll see tonight on TV.

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