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SJ/Det Game 2: Sharks Late Night Confidential



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Tue, 22 Oct 2013|

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Time now who who Wednesday's morning news on the Bay Area dot com. CSN -- dot -- Dave Feldman are here with -- morning minute for Tuesday October 22. These Sharks started a five game road in the motor city. Anti Niemi kept Detroit off the board as the game went to a shoot out -- Logan Couture scored and then Niemi. Makes an unbelievable say moment Todd Bertuzzi shot to clinch the Sharks win. Coach Todd McLellan. What he had. Felt it was a -- say it was a it was so. -- made a great move in and had -- down and out and we anticipated going off the top. Already spent so remark returned to practice after their bye week and coach Dennis Allen. Very coy when it comes to the health of his roster. I'll address injuries on Wednesday's home do anything to address injuries right now but. Could be back. This couldn't be no back to work -- top guys who took time off game a chance to get refreshed. Art San Francisco 49ers -- a lot and hang out. What I don't have saying -- football club golf played the Jaguars on Sunday everyone in good spirits. And it seemed like the trip went very well and don't forget Comcast sports -- your home reported that has coverage all week. Well a lot of them we've got million mark in 49ers insider Matt available across the pond. Bring you the latest all week I'm Dave Feldman having a great great there. That was the win.

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  1. SJ/Det Game 1: Sharks Late Night Confidential

    Jose Sharks. Lead the Detroit Red Wings won game to nothing ..... was a rust factor for Detroit today take a little ..... really impressed with Detroit could be worked out ..... Howard that we. Is to the Red Wings and I don't believe

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    following game four. Where the Detroit Red Wings extended this series by beating ..... you. Because this is this the Detroit Red Wings and you can say either anymore ..... Mother's game against the Detroit Red Wings should Sharks went however

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    times for team in Detroit . in Brazil win ..... Louis Arena in Detroit with the postseason ..... playing against Detroit Red Wings past champions ..... playing their best hockey but when they trail now it's the Red Wings they trailed big

  1. mean you know you quarterback so what do you make throw little as you would be playing quarterback. As far as is really out of hockey didn't have those things that not as. And I heard designed accidentally you know it they can extend plays and you know get

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  4. following it up empty net beautiful play. 31 after one period of hockey . I'll stay finally making his first ever career and Angels ..... play right there but without using shielding his body with the hockey Firefox with a body that just goes in the net gets it. The

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    be out long-term, according to general manager Doug Wilson. Burns was originally on the Sharks' road trip that began in Detroit last Monday, but returned to the Bay Area later in the week on the advisement of the team's medical staff. He was whacked

  6. attainable there. You know obviously this. Some things for this security and Armond and I think it's it's to go from me Detroit is like a symbol of those cities. Part of winning and try to play my role team. Well I'm gonna go out there and try to

  7. 49ers and jags right let's talk wide receiver and you're actually liking a number two receiver. For the four and three Detroit Lions. Yeah Chris quite. At least the fifth most targeted wide out in fantasy land over the last three weeks garnering 29

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  11. unacceptable. Especially in the situation we're so. We have to be disappointed as a group we can't leave here saying boy national hockey gods are we could Because could have should go for a never won any games was in particular schools. We missed some coverage

  12. at least penalty. was I know no doubt cross and hurdles learning a lesson you've got to be careful in front that National Hockey League particularly its got six foot six there's. Again drew talked about it obviously double file talk about it as well

  13. and a problem one of those teams why not have Alex stay locked play. On Wednesday for the Worcester Sharks in the American Hockey League he's fresh going into whatever team you start Saturday or Sunday this this year to like Canada. Might be over thinking

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    Jason Spezza and Bobby Ryan scored two goals apiece, and the Senators routed Daniel Alfredsson and the Red Wings 6-1 Wednesday.

  15. here with morning minute for Tuesday October 22. These Sharks started a five game road in the motor city. Anti Niemi kept Detroit off the board as the game went to a shoot out Logan Couture scored and then Niemi. Makes an unbelievable say moment Todd Bertuzzi

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  17. that's Probably good good game for. Lot of junior and minor hockey players watch the importance of well positioned sticks were ..... hold people off to strip parks. And its nice to see two great hockey players play head head. We've played in a variety of different

  18. The Sharks in Detroit for the first and only time this regular season. Five he released starting ..... Bertuzzi needs to either find the back of the net or it's all over for Detroit and one more time. This is the play that we on the beginning of every

  19. punt returns in those kickoff returns our coverage teams were were on point today and they had a great to hit a great day. Hockey than the last one there was put up for for the touchdown you know sort of that's just good coverage. Guys being aware of

  20. t get any easier on Saturday. Corvallis to take on Morgan State's. And pucks on a Monday we got you covered Sharks and Red Wings always a good time in the motor city pregame live at four. Dropped for thirty over Comcast sports net California I'm Scott