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Sharks squander three leads, fall in OT to Kings



  1. Justin Williams0:54, 2:37
  2. Brad Stuart1:16, 1:24
  3. San Jose0:09, 3:38
  4. Drew Doughty0:37
  5. Jeff Carter3:02
  6. Kyle Clifford1:15
  7. LA kings3:33
  8. Tyler Kennedy0:13
  9. power play2:01, 2:07, 2:36
  10. tough situation3:11
Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Welcome back to post game live what's -- your game highlights go to Brazil here but I didn't Sharks in Los Angeles Marty have -- -- season debut for San Jose. Before we begin we'll take you back to October 17 Tyler Kennedy scored just nine seconds in. Dallas he won that -- first loss of the season for the Sharks however back to tonight's. Market mark classic here just thirteen -- -- and -- just a great flavor of the faceoff it sure makes a great play along the border for gets culprits are. And blasting jumps up -- -- -- to waste no time one time in the back of that to get off on the right foot when nothing San -- couple minutes later Drew Doughty answering back here. Quick release right in the slot that was track. Got just a tough play thereby no matter what you try to get a victory tour in just overplayed that in this popped out to Williams gets up to. -- for my shot. Justin Williams getting these studies for. Tied -- one still refers to. Joseph who Belsky you're using all parts of his here including this might be part this game right there I'll thank you write my own team that. Just a beautiful lifted the stick on Carter then turns around waigel recognizable player picks -- -- -- buries it second period huge fore -- by. Kyle Clifford on Brad Stuart. Allison a slob of point now. Shot deflected by -- -- later on -- -- going tough night for Brad Stuart physically and obviously it. Game tied at two. Yet the shop bike or operate their school puts himself in good position facing the play chipped it gets a fight him. How clever backhand later saved by on TV and the pretty sure that that frustrated. Have -- because I don't know what does she do later on period. He decides to run on -- It couldn't stop and maybe just wanted to impose his. Yes that's as one of the ones that that would try to go to net but you're right he's a guy that's not gonna stop there either try to stop -- -- -- be happy to get all of them. Sharks' top power play looking good here immersed Marleau. Just a great great power play right here by the Sharks stormed out to a nice shot -- a great game played -- little subtle play that was one of -- doesn't get an assist on that. But that night class of the diversity gets over the ball quickly into the tour for the goal on the Lakers who had seven. Period Joseph Gordon -- to. That's up to say a lot of things you did tonight you're not gonna see on the score sheet that was one of a save the goal right there then obviously this is what we talked about at the start of the show. Two of these too many men on the ice this one's gonna cost them. Twenty seconds in the power play Justin Williams. Top shelf great passes I don't know. Yeah that's great play and it just the way he's been like you talked about forty shark killer. No doubt about just finds a way to beat -- quickly another quick shot by another player tonight he had two goals last time you face -- -- he had finally that was game seven. Justin wrong getting called for the hooking penalty. So that'll be two minutes Jeff Carter great attempt. Draws the penalty and he's on the power play Doughty -- -- -- -- which are talk about playmakers for a long period tough situation. Ours lasted for sure and Scott -- out on the ice for a sustained period of time. Thirty seconds on the -- that he gave going to be tired lots of the holes that's when the holes open up -- about the methodical start war divide. Yet you -- kind of tough screen shot but. Overall tough man's game tonight LA kings come on out -- the -- out eighteen points now -- 95 -- -- San Jose with 22 points that your team. One and --

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  9. his stuff what we've got quiet on my zone mix. If they grade math different colleges and ironic go past. Moments daughter Doughty I don't pass. It is a different all different you listen. Preakness and then let him beat us. If the sun in person take

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  13. but. That you. Two stars go at it like that. The left handed Joseph Thornton. So as he's ready into it. Well it Drew Doughty Dallas started his that would start to project a punch. Gloves dropped and there on their way. still try to there

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  17. Not sure if anybody on the Sharks team doesn't like Scott nickel but what about what he did that are in this taking drew Doughty and at one point. Also that double minor the high sticking. Can you say enough about what your fourth line center

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  20. And he got an MVP candidate in the Josh Hamilton we saw tonight. both sides of the the ball hitting him in deep and his Doughty is the player that that we can definitely beat but it's not about Predators that about the foot but even when he was but