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Kelley James performs 'California' on YSTL



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Tue, 1 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

The new album that drops today. From Kelly James -- pattern of transcending. Athletes throughout America tweeting about this. They want a piece of the action I said I want a piece of the action here on Yahoo! Sports talk live -- all of all Kelly james' day. We've got to run a program. Boy lesson we saw you was it gives you those things in February campus -- guys and troops really I didn't moments he's you -- been together for one. He's a huge music fan he's actually great musician himself and now we just sort of playing to -- together and LA and just kind of built a friendship based on music all right so the pattern transcending define that what does that mean. It's just about how we start that we I have these little patterns they try to create my some good some bad we wanna look at it. And I guess the goal is to create these really positive patterns that you can. Take it crossed every little aspect of your life that you can you know they can transcend. Across everything in the goal is to be who you are all times. In the most positive way in every situation. Trying to be positive right here and it's taken a positive you know we talk about -- but. Athletes are all over those sporting -- tweet about the source and I guess your friends with their tweet about this got a couple guys out there and we keep our good friend he's been no pollution and Dustin Penner. Hockey player we kind of -- those kind of golfer Ricky Barnes golfers so are -- regular -- -- you should open golf digest recently I got a little gold and I just love our help -- -- there's a couple of guys imminent forgiveness and love. That's what's so bad did all right so what you're gonna play a little some force today and also it's Kelley James. The pattern -- and it shouldn't be -- James and friends really got back kid this is just a guy like saying our some candidates I don't know yeah it's kind of -- in Canada Vancouver Vancouver -- BC DC my love DC Indiana we're getting -- James and friend kind of not even or just friends. That is done and not be in the country so we kind of keep them you know it's good what was just you know the music and enjoy putting a play for us. We're gonna put a song called California California let -- Kelly James AM friend. California right here on Yahoo! Sports talk live goal -- guys. -- -- -- Yeah I'm in. -- -- You. -- -- -- Yeah. I'm gonna skimping on some plays in a little bit past the media than I am. Yeah I -- -- seventy's everything is San Diego. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Way. He's not going. Him him. Yeah. -- -- -- On the east and the Buzz Williams and he had he didn't have yet and that's that we have this mandatory camps so you know. He's -- -- he missed tackle as a GMT. Really I -- movies we see my latest -- his way into the season. Now he's even being just a win means coming season and how he harmony was means. -- -- -- deal California dreaming this enormous scene down payment -- You know -- yeah. This job you look at with guys' job possible and eat jelly baby and I'm ready to lead into an elite team wins that's not that -- this -- is and coaxing. Houston's Brad is. Yeah. Losing his tee program. I'm Lisa Rose remains -- opening -- in the snow James is always sassy and know go -- about -- -- and say would you say it's immediate. Is there any distinct -- ballet. Every year and then Dan Kelly is. The -- but no you can't lose. Yeah it. That came.

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  7. school program. Freshman. It just on the the memory from college time roommates teammates and so on. So what. Hopefully Penner you don't amendments there what does this victory allowed you. a major in economics and minuses. I don't do lots of work

  8. significant deals Monday. The Coyotes acquired the last original Blue Jackets defenseman cost us what. The kings add Winger Dustin Penner from Edmonton and longtime doubles Jason part of is now Washington. You know.

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  12. least CEO. And producer of a brand new sports at game coming out tomorrow called Ron Amadon. Football to the complainer I've Penner iPhone. Welcome to chronicle live first of all what is my beloved leader. Dallas Steve is basically when we looked at by developing

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