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Shark Byte -- Frazer McLaren

Thu, 17 Jan 2013|

Seventh-round draft pick Frazer McLaren has not played a full season in the NHL. Is this his year to blossom?

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  1. and the experiences that hurdle was going for. Think remember first time I stepped on the ice first. going to corner Kyle McLaren and you know I just like that size everybody I think he's got and you know his thing is he's Vick. You know the culture

  2. White Sox notes: Phegley getting the keys to the car


    Thu, 11 Jul 2013

    Josh Phegley got his first chance to catch Chris Sale Thursday, which White Sox manager Robin Ventura likened to acquiring keys to a really nice car, such as a McLaren GT, Phegley's dream car.

  3. ball and he throws it down and now in the fourth quarter guy at the explanation went. Another big time rep for the senior as McLaren cruises to a nineteen. He's going to win in the first round were Calle 5334. Of the finals so and advancing to the second

  4. JaJuan Johnson daily with a bounce pass that back holds off the bulldogs late with a nice move. lose the defender he scores and wide as McLaren goes undefeated and away regular season it's williams' Angels leading the way section finals.

  5. Violence & Sports: It's not okay


    Mon, 25 Feb 2013

    Want to or nothing and look at the issues that really hit home at last week. That member of last year's McLaren this football team was shot and killed instantly In San Jose at current member of the day high school football team was stabbed

  6. Brodie & Kevin: Getting healthy


    Thu, 31 Jan 2013

    Justin wrong Douglas Murray come off before the Merced so I had to guess I would say got to wait at least another and Frazier McLaren was put on waivers when yesterday. And picked up today by the Maple Leafs and it's a tough situation it's the process

  7. Sharks notes: Stuart assists Niemi, McLaren waived


    Wed, 30 Jan 2013

    Brad Stuart doesn't wear pads or stand between the pipes, but his helpful advice led Antti Niemi to record arguably the biggest save of the Sharks' young season during last night's overtime period.

  8. Sharks: Stuart assists Niemi, McLaren waived


    Wed, 30 Jan 2013

    Antti Niemi got some help from veteran defenseman Brad Stuart on his game-saving assist in overtime.

  9. Kevin & Brodie: Sharks ready to hit


    Sat, 19 Jan 2013

    excellent well I don't think this team in the lineup. On Sunday but. You know we we got we know we got we came Shepherd McLaren . So we'll see a lot of the same names obviously but some new combinations and a couple seasons. And I think a lot of the

  10. Healthy McLaren could finally stick in San Jose


    Thu, 17 Jan 2013

    Frazer McLaren has not played a full season in the NHL; Is this his year to blossom?

  11. James Sheppard the last month or so Tim Kennedy had played well and get her to put two weeks ago. John McCarthy. For his McLaren Brendan mentioned you're so we've got a lot of guys that. I think every game they play an American Hockey League is their

  12. McLaren demonstrates potential value to Sharks with brutal fight


    Thu, 10 Jan 2013

    At least one facet of forward Frazer McLaren 's game looks ready for the big show. In Worcester's game on Tuesday, he engaged in a thrilling bout with fellow tough guy Joel Rechlicz of Portland.

  13. Podium instead McLaren let's listen and we'll. Finish two how you guys wanted to. Well things really well her. Real very very could play. The

  14. 49ers' last line of defense


    Tue, 21 Aug 2012

    s going to the what if something should happen to one of the order both of them. Where the 49ers got that many pockets and McLaren offers some answers. I'm a couple of less than 24 hours after the 49ers play the Broncos on Sunday comes the first cut of

  15. 12.26: ANA/SJS game highlights


    Tue, 27 Dec 2011

    you know that's one where parents guys. Not up but he beat him to the races and then I'd like this I like what Fraser McLaren that he comes out battles in the Sharks get it back here nice play. At the end of the first period by the Belsky after a nice

  16. 12.8: DAL/SJS -- game highlights


    Fri, 9 Dec 2011

    that. All the body good things happen when you go to Houston won on the goal keepers so it's 21 at the second. And Frazier McLaren plays they hit on the product of more act. And all right are you these two teams don't like would do well. We talked about

  17. whatever happens in the game happens. But there's a different field and I wanna build own and not let what weak field in the McLaren do we have. But the weight so we know we don't because we've never go on the road. Contemplating game but. But the feeling

  18. got nickel tour. relegated felt Bruntlett got yell to instruct their watches little screen hereby. Nice little player by McLaren . Have a really. Good game for all all around of the four lines Sharks 31 at that point later in the second four action here

  19. 11.4: Brian Sabean on Chronicle Live


    Thu, 4 Nov 2010

    the young agents ways and what's interesting about kinda those dates are but we first got a schedule low and don't sit McLaren fairness to learn how in the hell did we end up with. Before and after the all star eighteen out of 21 games on the road and

  20. 10.30: ANA/SJ Highlights


    Sun, 31 Oct 2010

    go and back we're headed to the ticket Sharpton got you know birth. Napkin from the start and George Harrelson McLaren fighting. Second period Sharks could have played joked about you that Danny heatley who have been and bring up the of the