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5.1: DET/SJS postgame -- Henrik Zetterberg



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  2. Daniel Alfredsson0:40
  3. Henrik Zetterberg1:19
  4. Jimmy Howard0:10, 0:31
  5. Logan Couture1:34
  6. Sharks0:02, 1:25, 1:29
  7. Todd Bertuzzi1:39
  8. Thornton0:44
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  10. wrist shot0:56
Mon, 21 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

The -- Sharks in Detroit for the first and only time this regular season. Five he released starting in the motor -- for San Jose on TV and went up against Jimmy Howard who was returning after missing three games. Both goaltenders very strong for street -- the power play Howard. With a kick save on Joseph Belsky shot but again probably something that -- -- here yet I view. It should close for me but. There was a lot of room to get so great second period charged in the power play here's what we -- sure. With another shot that was kicked away by Jimmy Howard are you sensing a theme in the -- total thickness -- That would be my guess knowing what the final score was quite popular on -- -- David Daniel Alfredsson one timer. Stop by Niemi is Joseph Thornton was out front look at the replay on that from this. Goaltender viewing angle than Joseph Morton plant on the line with two rookies in this contest course -- Hamilton in the heat with Brent Burns out of the game and third period Horton line. Kendall's wrist shot is seen here by Niemi at least is locked and -- them later in the third or one on again Hamilton on the on the break the spin -- is. Kicked away by Howard -- I think of that very Hamilton. In a scoreless game one on. Know why a lot of trying to do something you know that you know because when you turn your body weight loss. Here's the Jean Shepherd interference penalty on Henrik Zetterberg took two minutes in the box Rasheed at the ensuing wings' power play was. Pretty effective it's always the Sharks PK Tommy when rules are blocking the shot from. The point Sharks kill off the penalty those scoring in overtime so we're in the shootout here's Logan Couture with a forehand shot that a winning team. That brings us to the next hitter Todd Bertuzzi needs to either find the back of the net or it's all over for Detroit and one more time. This is the play that we on the beginning of every highlight shows tonight nationwide. -- -- Interviewed on TV and he is -- he coined the term seeing his best. For last. Yet again not even. This sort of desperate flail. Now you're right let's be honest yeah it was cool on the initial big. But he was that second efforts Sharks went one -- your final Niemi becomes the second shark. To ever record a shutout in each.

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  4. really mixed them up to that keep your team on their toes well Mike did. Quick switch as well so he you put. Datsyuk and Zetterberg together we we're just real quick. That when he split them up we try to address those as well so was felt a lot like a

  5. remlinger to turn it over Thornton to burns. Got some nice tic tac toe to nothing Sharks in the third at 10 AM with the Sabres on Zetterberg . Sharks went to nothing second straight shut out for me coming. Johnson has picked up the favorite series last night Tim

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  9. not it's not perfect on every single play. But. I would say for the most part. That the passing games can pretty much Zetterberg German mark measurement yards character when you're talking about you are very comfortable off the ball over there were

  10. Todd been mixing and match was very well lately that you think we'll try to get that they're out against at the same time Zetterberg line is pretty good so. Really can't focus in on one line against these guys you know they've been having trouble scoring

  11. And good showing this weekend against the Giants in great. Do not let her you know possible person I. Came came whether Zetterberg simply that's Q what are Marcos do. But defense. This month that. More big big games that happen. Duke blue in the currently

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    First meeting of the season for straight scoreless Lidstrom shoots it off the end boards Zetterberg Darren gets rebound and the score one I think Detroit. The Sharks probably knew that was coming. They talked about that before

  13. taking penalties was a big issue. Kessler and I don't I don't mind it at all Thornton just played against Datsyuk or Zetterberg . And right test resolves right up there with those and he's fine. A little little to show us the clutch reputation big

  14. game with a goal that tied for second. For the longest streak ever playoff history still tune up did we go to the second Zetterberg answered back. Finished right there. third goal of the postseason in the Sharks lead is cut now it's 21 later in the second

  15. am pleased with I'm pleased with the effort he's with the growth for him for us. Are high and for us and Datsyuk and Zetterberg were fantastic in this which I think is really important initial great leadership quality. Which which is fantastic we still

  16. know it's nice to actually on the road. You. Check. Him out. No I just thought I got an opportunity in the Lidstrom and Zetterberg last year. Through an equality in and I I think teachers players class players that were mussina saw at the end it was critical

  17. sense do you feel that you have to hopefully for instance that soon. Lot you are you know I've been pretty much. look at Zetterberg ulcers on him or you know you went on the line together but yeah you take individual battles you wanna win those battles and

  18. two games in this building because I gotta say. It's it's not it was wild here he scored efforts were crumbles growers Zetterberg efforts going out that was yet they are on their feet they went nuts after that. Yeah what. If you can give me a condensed

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    Runs hurt battles it out got to Kurt battles without Zetterberg had been out hurt battles it out unbelievable comeback by Detroit. But an unbelievable poor effort by Patrick Marleau gutless

  20. re still hold we're doing points. For some of that maybe you don't react and whether or not they go that's you can Zetterberg on the same line how long you know along that. Those lines Malaysia match both teams have been able to adjust lines us as