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Uyenoyama ready for 'biggest fight of career'



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Wed, 10 Apr 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

And given away pair of tickets UFC on fox coming up Saturday April 20 HP pavilion at San Jose. -- you have to do is answer the following Darren when -- gonna be defeated this Japanese anime superstar. It is UNC debut. Tweet us the correct answer act like sports CSN. And your better to win those tickets and time now for our chronicle conversation here on the program there when -- gala. What's the subject of our question do not give up the end -- Joins us here -- the more I'm gonna have to go all -- out if you give up the answer I'm going into the octagon with yet Darren joins us here on the program -- coming up does what you have against Joseph Kennedy is on April the twentieth is this the biggest fight. Of your career. Yeah and I'd have to say so today -- sure why do what what what makes it that. Will Johnson is probably one of the most decorated once when he fibers and there's talk about the winner of this inning the next title shot so. You not getting ahead of myself but it there's a lot on one so it's a flyweight fight 125 what does that mean for you how much weight do you have to drop. To get down -- the one point five slowly you know coming off of Christmas and the holidays -- is that about 150. So I'll walk around 145 up and down about 135 now so. It's -- five pounds and that's a lot when you're really like right what's your diet like that in order to get out what your training and diet like -- training is very specific we have high impact days and then just high intensity days always focusing on in the way down but my -- changed to get down -- -- Change in nine who begin for the last month so. Really he had like me felt so I know it's gonna say forty to the -- from if you gonna go vacant vegetable proteins in how many -- He's itself something something to get some protein in the system. Your style grapple are correct yes is that something that you could continue just to be a grapple -- And be as successful champion and then not these days I don't think so I've -- -- a lot though lately with San Antonio donors whose -- this weekend so. Always work need to get better and more well rounded there's not really anybody can just be one dimensional and more so what are you learning in the boxing ring with Antonio don't -- that can help you in the octagon. Really is focusing staying cool under fire seeing everything and its connection every second so. I also get to see how. How little -- -- -- push their training camps and it's really scientific and speaking about how different is -- what what are the differences that jumped out to you when you first decided to do this say hey I'm gonna I need to learn another discipline. What jumped out as a difference between boxing you guys and -- Well boxing is really difficult because it's very different kinds I. I'm getting beat up a lot there's nobody you say that I got taken more hits take more shots -- and it's also more wrenching because you're learning an irate. And that. He gets me more mentally stimulating and yes -- And that's a big part of it you got to keep it helps you stay alert -- tell me about here the opponent you're -- -- just a bit of Venus what is his style. What is it that he does well in the race and it actually does everything well I think he's one of the most well rounded all the FC his background is mostly as a wrestler. But he's got some knock outs is one of the few guys in our division as knockout power and he's he's submitted -- 2 blacked -- so he's dangerous everywhere are gonna Lucy sharp for and that's coming up April 20 -- down in San Jose. HP pavilion going to be an awful lot of funding your guys though you have more in your life and just -- The get any octagon octagon anime stuff. Your departure is that correct your and a archery yes in -- how did you get started into. -- and -- is actually my daughter she read Hunger Games books and you know I started as a hobby and I took him to the range so. So the and you got involved and you're like yeah who's better you or your daughter my daughter my daughter my wife and actually science how on the worst out of gulf war wrist had. They're the ones that losing does that kind of EG and it ended and they are train and get -- -- and it helps me focus in. You know Steve tracked to from fighting all right Darren -- -- -- fight April 20 go one down there -- among local guy made the ability and the local guys do well and good luck they'll see in the title fight brings adults back.