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4.14: LAK/SJS -- Ian White boarded by Jarret Stoll



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Wed, 15 May 2013|

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Thanks for checking us out here in Los Angeles CSN California dot com put yourself -- bunkers -- Torres on his way to New York City. Not sure it's 130 right now as we tape it's not sure he's going to be suspended but we do know that he is going to have its first. Hearing them and isn't it ridiculous if the flood of New York for this anywhere in California like him these guys coming out here supervisor for the series. But anyway besides all that. Yeah you know that's not good news that I would expect that that would at least mean he's out for a couple games it's the suspension wise and I think a lot of it's like these pieces that we can see how the other. The fact it's cool. Has been ruled out from what I saw a couple tweets. From what Darryl Sutter. As you mentioned in this world it's going. Face time all the ways Iraqi Torres could communicate his position for the lead you'd think he would have to tropical country some of the players and Todd McClellan himself -- are not real. And Torres out. To play tomorrow night you're in Los Angeles this after point cross country. 36 hours so you study did. Yeah I would be shocked if that's the case I don't know what kind of travel plans. -- -- thank you are whether it's charter. Like Marshall like. I would I would do it yourself -- One probably an hour ago but it sure stance of course -- member Jarret Stoll to. Since he was suspended for game two years ago the Sharks playoff series where you hit defenseman Ian White. Now -- -- if he is on the receiving end of this hit last night in a lot of people are questioning it because the -- that he was going to talk with his game. It was kind of hunched over. Anything at this extended out what was Radke tolerance. Supposed to hit and some before even saying the principle point of contact wasn't the head and shoulders so. And if you read the rule the rule says that player putting myself in -- hole vulnerable position is considered when it comes to supplemental discipline and I like what Joseph Thornton said. He set I was when I was brought up I was taught keep your head up -- said when I was six years old from the first things he teaches. I do think that will come into play and you know Iraqis are in the league this -- launch himself news and was trying to finish his check. He could probably can argue that they should have been responsible and and try to avoid head. You're right Stoll was hunched over and that should help Bradley's case. It's. -- -- -- -- so let's close it out and bring it full circle with this how -- -- he -- assuming he's not. How does his absence. Affect the sharks' four -- to pay. Including four be on where the Sharks without yeah it's tough loss it -- -- especially. Seems the Sharks are emphasizing getting in that inning is dirty areas. We're loose puck -- here on the -- priests around Jonathan Quick and rap music do that. When he's on game. You know trucks were already down a number of Marty happens we'll probably won't be tomorrow which is not surprised. Still think he's a little this way. So they're down another forward so it I guess that would mean to Kennedy internally you know some other options but. Yet so it's three -- in Oakland certainly doesn't. -- -- Anchors on Brodie Brazil team to tomorrow night -- pregame show at 630 on Comcast sports net California and in game coverage of course at seven on the NBC. Sports --

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  14. two tonight five goals in the series and an honorable mention. Because he's he's mystic almost two full games to Ian White biases. Any of those three. The teams take. Those three guys have been spectacular and the rate its own culture. Last

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    Fulfill those standing there actually. You know we will it is time heals everything so a couple of days off here and did you guys error that's that's fine. Pardon me. Well practice well. That work here. Well blown. This morning. It was lines should it even clearer. When art vendors. They're located