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4.14: LAK/SJS -- Ian White boarded by Jarret Stoll

Thu, 19 Sep 2013|

Raffi Torres' hit on Jarret Stoll in the playoffs put him back in the NHL's doghouse, and back to square one in rehabilitating his on-ice image.

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  1. Raffi Torres lays out Jarret Stoll

    Does it still Only to defend him. Damaging to this LA kings team. It's the penalties as we see the initial injury the now here's here's the hit behind the net that was Patrick Marleau. Just in the wrong position. Then crappy Torres dad here. big hit hasn't. Tour has. Players and

  2. 4.15: Sharks practice -- Ben Eager

    Eager reflects on Jarret Stoll's hit.

  3. 4.15: Sharks practice -- Joe Thornton

    Thornton addresses Jarret Stoll's hit and the series with the Kings.

  4. 4.14: LAK/SJS postgame -- Todd McLellan

    McLellan addresses Jarret Stoll's filthy hit after the Game 1 win over the Kings.

  1. Bad boy Torres back to square one


    Thu, 19 Sep 2013

    Raffi Torres' hit on Jarret Stoll in the playoffs put him back in the NHL's doghouse, and back to square one in rehabilitating his on-ice image.

  2. LA Kings' Jarret Stoll hospitalized after seizure


    Wed, 3 Jul 2013

    NHL center Jarret Stoll of the division rival Los Angeles Kings was hostpitalized Wednesday after suffering a seizure.

  3. that was was being given me. And real quick just so everyone understands that hate you manager it's still you and Jarret Stoll are among the best of friends is that correct. Only LA you know it is my first Irsay told me you know you are reachable

  4. If any directed towards not being there have on the series. Well it was. Yet they're remember Rackley took out Jarret Stoll and their souls important part of the kings. Roster too so that might be a little bit of a wash. To me what was more

  5. Stoll : Torres hit was a ‘hockey play'


    Mon, 27 May 2013

    Jarret Stoll harbors no ill will towards Raffi Torres, or the hit that put him on the shelf.

  6. Kings' Jarret Stoll skates, not ready to play


    Sat, 25 May 2013

    Los Angeles Kings center Jarret Stoll skated on Friday for the first time since a hit from Sharks' winger Raffi Torres knocked him out of the lineup in Game 1.

  7. Kurz: 'They need Raffi in the lineup'


    Thu, 16 May 2013

    and LA are Sharks insider is Kevin currency is down in Los Angels he was there for game one saw the Torre said. I'm Jarret Stoll and let's arm that can give us an update on the Torres part of this hit. Well he's not with the team he wasn

  8. Richardson replacing Stoll for Kings


    Thu, 16 May 2013

    Brad Richardson will replace Jarrett Stoll to center the Kings' third line; Richardson has been a heathy scratch the past six games for LA.

  9. Brodie & Kevin: Life without Raffi


    Wed, 15 May 2013

    probably an hour ago but it sure stance of course member Jarret Stoll to. Since he was suspended for game two years ago the ..... responsible and and try to avoid head. You're right Stoll was hunched over and that should help Bradley's case

  10. Sharks notes: Kings on Raffi; first period wasted


    Wed, 15 May 2013

    Kings coach Darryl Sutter says Jarret Stoll wasn't resting when he didn't return after Raffi Torres' big hit. But was the hit clean?

  11. Will NHL suspend Torres for his hit on Stoll ?


    Wed, 15 May 2013

    Todd McLellan agreed with Raffi Torres that the winger should not have been penalized for his hit on Jarret Stoll in Game 1.

  12. Highlights -- Sharks 6, Kings 5 (SO)


    Fri, 6 Apr 2012

    Sharks do not score. On the five minute major and Daniel when he gets an awful roughing. And it seems to take advantage Jarret Stoll the rebound so early on it was a tale of two power plays what effect it would ineffective. Yet in the friends who missed

  13. kings and throw the playoffs. I had no idea what directly. No it's probably the most obvious missed call was when Jarret Stoll swept away the despair dropped stick. Of right and equals almost there and just as he gets hitters to level that

  14. 4.19: SJ/LA -- game highlights


    Wed, 20 Apr 2011

    favorite rookie of the year. I just unbelievable momentum and in higher but they. And that they king has reached five Jarret Stoll Ryan Smith had. 53 LA so the Sharks thinking all right maybe we're not all the way back in this thing player they