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10.14: Sharks vs. Anaheim game highlights



  1. Jason Blake1:10, 1:41
  2. Brent Burns1:44
  3. Corey Perry1:15
  4. Jonas Hiller0:14
  5. Torrey Mitchell1:00
  6. the reds1:43
  7. Sharks0:01, 0:08, 0:15
  8. Orange County0:03
  9. throwing punches0:56
Sat, 15 Oct 2011|

The highlights from the Sharks' disappointing 1-0 loss to the Ducks in Anaheim.


Machine Generated Transcript

Sharks ducks Orange County Anaheim's home opener. They open in Finland and Sweden but the Sharks fans they can't 350 strong chartering buses. And jury -- Brazil's first period Jonas Hiller shut down the Sharks did that I won't be sure bets on the power play right on the doorstep. Then next time around a talent like -- There's a wide open lane is slapper that held on on the next sharks' power play -- great save on -- they'll look at -- you -- He doesn't. Beauty but Miller right there equal to the test late first. Got so it was going to plug eventually. Gonna come around the boards here and the ducks on garage it comes to Max Jean -- now -- that -- -- They killed golden straight save but what -- an hour at its finest hour is it is -- done that just -- play things it will just be just like you know -- room. This is Dan -- throwing punches rivalry -- under ten seconds left in the period. Torrey Mitchell a nice little. But -- he's something else. It's cool to the second period. Sharks come out flat -- 211 Jason Blake ripped shots -- quite right that's off his chest that. Corey Perry. That's the right get slapped -- I'll tell you you just can't do that the most physical league best friend. Just over a minute to play -- What other dogs but after 23 period Sharks on the penalty kill. Joseph sort of possession look out He gets careless and Corey buried. He gets done things a lot of shots saved by right mid third period -- -- Jason Blake takes the stage for the reds. From Brent Burns brought it was a reporting He was taken to a hospital for further apparently third Sharks on the power play Joseph Gordon behind. Jason -- -- But Miller again were there with the state moments later. Michael hands is by Ryan called how do you miss that when He hit the back side of the net. I know that's what the one that.

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    the guy enough already hit the risk their. This is about Dover about the second period you start hooking him he stops Jason Blake . Later the second adopt a car on the breakaway he's scores for the that's gonna win this exhibition game five before